PRG teamwork for Teammates live streaming game show from PRG Cinegate Studios

For the third time in 2021, PRG has just delivered a 360° service for the game show 'Teammates', streamed on Twitch and produced by popular hosts Amar and Trymacs, and agency MediaTotal. Amar and Trymacs are among the most successful streamers on Twitch in Germany with this format, which is reminiscent of 'Schlag den Raab'. 
The event was held in the Virtual Production Studio of PRG Cinegate Studios in Hamburg, which has all the technical and spatial facilities needed to produce such a complex game show efficiently. 
Reza Abdolali, Managing Director MediaTotal GmbH said: "Teammmates – actually the biggest game show on Twitch – is with the hosts Amar & Trymacs, who invite us to this big show three times a year. Twenty games are played with two invited guests each, who compete against the two hosts to win a 30,000-euro prize. 
With PRG, we have a partner at our side who is very far-sighted, who understood from the beginning that we are not in the TV world but in the 'live stream area', where things are different. What I appreciate about PRG is that they can act as a full-service partner. On the one hand it's about the technology, but also really about content and planning. We got a lot of support right from the start – in that respect we are very happy to have PRG on our side." 

On working with the production, Andreas Knaak, Recording Manager / Senior Account Manager PRG, said: "I think it's very good that we were able to go through the planning together almost from minute zero and that we were also able to advise and thus develop the show together with MediaTotal. One challenge for this production was that we would have had a space problem for some of the games in our already very large Virtual Production Studio. So, it was a good thing that we have several studios here at Cinegate so that we could include the large Studio 1 and also outdoor facilities. Of course, this was also a challenge for communication, for the logistical process and for everything that goes with it. It's a matter of really listening in advance and understanding what the client wants and needs in order to be there on the spot."

PRG provided the following services for the Teammates game show: Broadcast (vision mixers, cameras and recording, streaming technology), Video, Audio, Lighting, and Rigging.

In addition, PRG provided the complex game programming. 
Jakob Brunert, Senior Project Manager PRG, comments: “We programmed the game technology and everything around scoring for this show. This means that we play out a total of 14 HD streams from our system, which can be seen on various monitors here in the studio, but also for the viewers at home. This includes scoring, i.e. all the individual point scores from the games, the total point score, and also the joker score for the individual games – and also some digital games that can be seen here on the LED floor on the LED wall. 
For the realisation of these applications, we have chosen Ventuz software as the development interface, with which we can produce very flexibly to broadcast standard. It also gives us the option of including touch screens and other interactive elements directly in the software."

On the success of Teammates with Twitch viewers and his experience with PRG, Amar, Teammates Game Host, added: "Back when Stefan Raab quit classic TV and we then started streaming a similar format on Twitch Live, it got a lot of people excited – and I think we also come across as pretty likeable. And of course, the opponents are always great!
After all, this is the third time we've done Teammates together with PRG, and it's just fun to work with the guys, the whole team is very friendly, they build up, break down, don't ask many questions and rock the thing – and I celebrate that!"

We thank Amar & Trymacs and MediaTotal for the positive feedback and once again fantastic collaboration – and look forward to exciting new events together in 2022. 

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