Spotlight on our People! #OMR23

The #crew and partners are the backbone of OMR Festival 2023. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
#OMR23 was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without YOU! Thank you for making it happen! #TeamPRG #PRGProud


Meet Team PRG at the OMR. Philipp Mack our Onsite Manager at the event.

Philipp Mack

PRG Onsite Manager

Meet Philipp Mack

There was a fabulously large team of PRG employees involved in this project, who together put together not only technology, but also stage and decor construction.

What makes this project special for you?

"It's a project where every wheel meshes perfectly to ensure smooth production. The coordination and interaction of all components are crucial for success. It is impressive to see the large amounts of material that are handled in a very short time. This unique experience offers challenges and dynamics that are exceptional and a lot of fun."


Meet Team PRG at the OMR. Bastian Bensmann our rigging expert at the event.

Bastian Bensmann

Deputy Head of Rigging Technology

Meet Bastian Bensmann

For OMR, the PRG team provided #rigging for four halls, including the Conference Hall, as well as the outdoor area. As a full-service provider, PRG also offered the all-round technical package to several well-known exhibitors.

What makes this project special for you?

"Every year, I am impressed anew, especially by the interaction of the entire PRG team, which sets up such a mammoth project in a very short time. From rigging to video, lighting and audio to crewing, purchasing and transport - all the trades work hand in hand. We are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to staff the rigging team purely internally for the first time in one shift for the Conference Hall. The show itself is an impressive interplay of exhibition, live music, conference and technology - a gigantic event!"


Meet Team PRG at the OMR. Phil Hagen our video expert at the event.

Philip Hagen

Deputy Head of Video Project Management & Technologies

Meet Philip Hagen

The PRG video team was responsible for the LED technology at OMR in the Conference Hall, three other halls and the outdoor area, among other things.

What makes this project special for you?

"An outstanding, well-coordinated team that takes on new challenges - that's what's special about this project for me. With the experience from the past years, the team also masters the wireless playback of all LED surfaces in the outdoor area. For me, the special fascination of this project lies in the complexity and versatility of the tasks. From the classic trade fair business and an own PRG booth to corporate/conference events, outdoor LEDs and a projection on the Hamburg TV tower."


Meet Team PRG at the OMR. Christoph Petratos our broadcast expert at the event.

Christoph Petratos

Head of Broadcast Project Management & Technologies

Meet Christoph Petratos

Our broadcast team was also on site for the OMR. The #TeamPRG provided the complete camera and control room equipment for the 100m wide projection in the conference.

What makes this project special for you?

 "For me, OMR is a project that is particularly convincing because of the visual presentation of the conference! Large projection surfaces and a versatile camera concept ensure that the speakers and their content are optimally presented. It is an impressive presentation that makes this project stand out. It's also an important industry gathering where I not only meet PRG employees from all over Germany, but also encounter many freelance friends and companies."