PRG's Technical Support Empowers Primavera Sound in Madrid and Barcelona

Barcelona and Madrid witness an outstanding success story as #TeamPRG conquers the technical challenges of Primavera Sound with finesse.

Madrid, Spain - Primavera Sound, the renowned music festival, made its much-anticipated debut in the vibrant Spanish capital this year, and it was an extraordinary affair marked by exceptional technical support from PRG. From June 5th to 11th, the city of Madrid was immersed in the spellbinding melodies and captivating performances of some of the world's most revered artists, all made possible by the dedicated efforts of #TeamPRG.
The primary challenge for PRG was the seamless transition between the Barcelona and Madrid editions, demanding a swift supply of top-tier equipment for two main stages and an additional stage within a short changeover time. However, the skilled and relentless team of 100 professionals, known as the #PRGCrew, worked diligently to assemble the entire kit in just four days, ensuring a flawless execution of the festival.
PRG supported the event with a 360 Service in lighting, video, audio and rigging. 
Supplying technical support for Primavera Sound Barcelona and Madrid was an exhilarating challenge that showcased the talent, dedication, and teamwork of our team.