PRG UK enhances acclaimed theater production "Wicked"

PRG UK Provides New Cutting-Edge Lighting Technology to Lighting Designer Kenneth Posner to Enhance "Wicked" London Production.  

In a monumental move to enhance one of the most beloved theatre productions, PRG UK has announced a major upgrade to the lighting fixtures on the acclaimed show "Wicked" in London. For nearly two decades, PRG UK has been an integral part of supporting this iconic production, as it gears up to celebrate its 20th service anniversary in 2026, the timing couldn't be more perfect for this significant technological advancement.
PRG worked with Lighting Designer, Kenneth Posner, who was supported by Associate Lighting Designer, Karen Spahn, and Programmer Nick Simmons. The upgrade involved a transition from the original arc moving spots and washes to the latest state-of-the-art ETC Halcyon Gold Ultra Bright LED profiles, specially designed for theatres and opera houses. In addition to the profiles Kenneth specified new wash lights in the form of the new GLP X5 LED fixtures, renowned for their high performance and professional-grade colour and brightness.  The cyclorama lighting was also modernised from traditional conventional lights to ETC Color Source LED Linear 4 fixtures together with Color Kinetics ColorBlaze TRX LED battens. All of these changes and additions further elevate the lighting design, providing versatility and precision in illuminating the stage, actors, and set pieces, enhancing the overall theatrical experience, and ensuring a visually stunning experience for audiences while maintaining the show's signature ambiance and mood.
PRG’s Sales Director for Theatre. Peter Marshall, worked closely with Production Electrician, Pete Lambert, to ensure a smooth transition during the upgrade which took place over several weekends to ensure that the show never closed for any period. This underscores PRG UK's commitment to assisting Kenneth and his design team to push the boundaries of technology and innovation by embracing cutting-edge equipment. PRG supports the production’s aims to stay ahead of the curve and continue captivating audiences with its mesmerizing visual spectacle.  The project has been in the planning for over a year and the entire project was managed by Production Manager, Lloyd Thomas.  
"Wicked" has captured the hearts of theatregoers worldwide with its captivating storyline, unforgettable music, and stunning lighting visual effects. As PRG UK embarks on this journey to enhance the show's lighting design, we are proud to contribute to the legacy of "Wicked" and play a pivotal role in ensuring its continued success for years to come.
PRG UK's dedication to supporting "Wicked" for nearly two decades speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and their passion for delivering unforgettable experiences in the West End Theatre Industry.