PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution System

Introducing the PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution System—an integrated solution that offers various configurations and a wide range of powerful accessories.


More about PRG's Series 400® Power and Data Distribution System

This system seamlessly combines power, DMX, and Ethernet data transmission within a custom-designed trunk cable. While standard Ethernet cables have a copper working length limit of 300 feet, our PRG Series 400 custom trunk cable extends this range to 500 feet. The data system includes Ethernet switches that enable flexible routing of DMX universes to any DMX output connector, ensuring complete electrical isolation.

As a result, lighting systems can efficiently manage the increasing demand for data while reducing cable usage. Technicians can also easily re-route signals from user menus without the need for physical alterations, leading to reduced labor costs. Furthermore, the system offers real-time diagnostics, streamlining troubleshooting efforts and saving technicians valuable time.