PRG Stage Command Systems®

The PRG Stage Command Systems® represents a patented motion control system that empowers designers to execute the most intricate motion cues with precision, reliability, and, most critically, safety.

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Utilizing cue-based SCS software, it facilitates seamless transitions within full audience view and incorporates 3D visualization for real-time observation or pre-programmed motion planning.

For motion control applications, the PRG Commander® automation console stands as an ideal control solution. The all-in-one V-Command offers the full functionality of the full-size Commander console in a more compact and portable configuration, requiring only a single PC and touch screen monitor.

For small-scale motion control needs, the PRG Mini Commander® is a perfect control solution, capable of handling up to 8 effects.

PRG's Drive Racks accommodate either four 3kW drives or two 7kW drives, designed for motion effects like AC and DC winches, dogs, turtle rotators, and chain hoists. These racks feature a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), an industrial computer responsible for conducting a Go/No Go safety check. If a pre-programmed parameter isn't met, the PLC will prevent cue execution, ensuring safety at all times.

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