Vx76 Control Console Family of Products

The Vx76 family of lighting and media control consoles are an elegant programming and control solution.

  • Our proprietary lighting control consoles are Mac-based and take full advantage of the Macintosh platform user-friendly interface.

  • Pre-visualize, program and control lighting and video elements on the full-size V676® console, optimized for a range of work environments with backlit buttons and low profile displays.

  • The V476® offers the same extraordinary speed in programming as the V676 console in a smaller hardware package. Ideal for use in tight spaces.

  • An ultra-portable control surface, the V276™ can be easily paired with any user-supplied Mac®, making it an extremely cost-effective control option.

Our Vx76 consoles offer extraordinary speed, both in programming and responsiveness, as well as innovative interface advancements both in hardware layout and in software design. Intuitive features quickly and easily manage an ever-expanding range of devices.

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Manuals
    • Vx76 User Manual 42

    • Vx76 User Manual 36

    • Vx76 User Manual 35

    • V676 Installation & Operation Manual

    • V276 Installation & Operation Manual B

    • Vx76 Basic Profile Editor User Manual 11

    • V676 Control Console Datasheet

    • V676R Control Console Datasheet

    • V676 Compact Control Rack Datasheet

    • V476 Control Console Datasheet

    • V276-On-Mac-Datasheet

    • Vx76 v30 Software Datasheet

    Technical Bulletins
    • V676-002 Tech-Bulletin

  • Console Profiles
    • BasicProfileEditor111

    • BestBoyWashVirt6x

    • MboxProLightVProf

    • MboxTimeCodeVProf

    • MBoxV38DesignerNoMediaVProf

    • MBoxV38DesignerVProf

    • MBoxV38MiniVProf

    • MBoxV38StudioVProf1

    • MBoxV39DesignerVProf

    • ReNewRN1VProf

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