Proposed Eco-Design Working Plan - EU Lighting Regulations

PRG Calls For Stage & Studio Exemption!

The EU’s Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019 would come in to force in September 2020. Put simply, only compliant control gear, fixtures and lamps could be sold going forward.

The proposed legislation has sent shockwaves across our industry and has triggered the creation of a #SaveStageLighting campaign, since every lighting manufacturer, supplier or individual working within the entertainment/lighting industry would be directly impacted.

Implementing this new legislation, which puts our industry on the same level as domestic lighting and appliances would result in tremendous financial stress.

Events like concerts, musicals, theatre, exhibitions, corporate events, TV productions, fashion shows, film shoots, and sporting events could go dark, as it would be illegal to supply new lighting fixtures and lamps that do not meet the new EU energy standards beyond September 2020 (including a minimum 85lm/W efficiency and a maximum 0.5W standby power consumption). That means that nearly every single lighting fixture on the market would be affected, be it discharge, tungsten or LED!
We understand from the proposal that our kit in use prior to Sept 2020 can still be used without being effected.

PRG aims to drive constant improvement and calls for a specific Stage and Studio Exemption!

As a forward-thinking business, PRG strives to improve the energy efficiencies of its own equipment by developing material in-house, e.g the PRG SPACEFRAME™ and the PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System, reducing the global footprint in terms of weight, space and handling. These factors reduce the number of trucks for transport, the airfreight load, the manpower needed, transport of manpower and the energy consumption. PRG also aims to push the envelope of efficiency working with lamp manufacturers and our optics used in PRG products.

Our global presence through our 41 affiliates and their teamwork reduces transport and manpower related costs, while ensuring the best support globally - decreasing our carbon footprint.
Furthermore, the PRG Alliance and its’ members, improve our energy efficiencies even more by supporting our productions within their regions.

Lighting designers, lighting manufacturers, programmers, technicians, venues, rental companies and service companies, as well as the artists and performers, are in need of a Stage and Studio Exemption.

Gary Boyd, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, EMEA for PRG said: ”I strongly encourage everyone in the live entertainment industry be it TV, Film, Theatre, Music, Corporate to sign the Change.org petition and most important to voice your concern through the EU online consultation by May 7. This is YOUR voice to the EU to make changes and petition for a Stage & Studio Exemption. Working with LightingEurope we will continue to make our combined voices heard. We need you to do your part!”


For further information or to sign the petition, follow the links below:



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