Die Toten Hosen: Laune der Natour 2018 – PRG provides curved LED solution

For more than 35 years, Die Toten Hosen have been one of most successful German bands.

The tour that includes more than 50 mostly sold-out concerts and attracts five-digit numbers of visitors each, started in November 2017.

PRG provides a curved MC-18 LED wall in the back of the stage. This hanging special construction is curved by 9 degrees and consists of 364 modules which are interlocked with specially designed angles. Additionally, two side-screens are assembled with an MC-7.

“Using as special construction for the curved central screens saves a lot of time compared to the usual tightening method.” Tom Clauder (Project Manager Mobile LED Screen, PRG) explains. 

The MC-18 is a semipermeable hybrid wall (consisting of a SMD LED wall and a wall with LED spots) which lets moving lights and lamps shine through the wall from behind thereby creating impressive light effects.

Furthermore, PRG provides two MC-7 delay screens for the big open-air concerts in order “to give even those spectators standing 100m away from the stage the impression to be very close to the artist”, explains Felix Wohler (On-Site-Manager PRG). Projecting different live images onto several walls at the same time create proximity to the events on the stage.

The pure size of the site proved to be a true challenge: 

To prevent offset between the events on stage and the projection onto the LED screens, 250 – 300m cable connections must run on glass simultaneously on some sites, Wohler specifies. Hundreds of thousands thrilled spectators cannot be wrong: this challenge has been overcome brilliantly.

The German part of the tour will come to its crowning finale with two (of course sold-out) shows in Düsseldorf, home to the punk band, in October. PRG is thrilled to be part of it and says thank you to everyone involved.