Technology at freezing point - How PRG illuminated the ProSieben Wintergames

The snow-covered Arlberg near St. Anton in the Tyrolean Alps has temperatures as low as minus 14 °C, and this was the backdrop for this year's "ProSieben Wintergames". In close cooperation with lighting designer Arkin Atacan (Atacan Design), PRG provided the lighting for the track and for an LED wall for the spectators on site as well as the sound system for the spectator area.

The spectacular scenery at an altitude of 1,300m made the event so special for the spectators on site and in front of their TV sets at home - ProSieben broadcast the event live. These conditions proved to be a big challenge for PRG however, as the crew had to struggle against difficult weather conditions. With temperature fluctuations "from 14 °C and continuous rain to minus 14 °C and 60cm of fresh snow", around 120 light poles had to be mounted on the runway using ground anchors, as Sven Heidlas (Senior Project Manager PRG) explains.

In order to be able to adequately illuminate the entire area, eight 19m high Layher towers were erected, each equipped with 24 Best Boy® Wash moving lights. Lighting designer Atacan was delighted with the collaboration with PRG: "Of course, it's nice to work with someone who has done this kind of thing before... In the end, we all lifted the thing hand in hand and I'm happy that it's now standing exactly as we planned beforehand." The customer Rene Ales (best boys tv-factory GmbH) was also completely satisfied with the result: "We were looking for a strong partner who is flexible, who has event experience and who has teams that can implement such large projects. PRG can map that!"

PRG would like to thank best boys tv-factory GmbH, Arkin Atacan and all the other people involved for the pleasant cooperation despite the sometimes adverse conditions and is looking forward to the next event, when it will once again be: technology at freezing point! 
Information about the installed equipment:

Light technology

  • 160 Best Boy
  • 56 VL 3500 Wash
  • 414 SGM P5
  • 16 SGM P1
  • 16 SGM Sixpack
  • 32 Expolite Tour LED
  • 28 TourLED 21
  • 26 Cuepix
  • 30 SGM Q7 RGB
  • 30 HQI floodlight


5 Followspot Lancelot 4KW

LED Screen (60m²):
MC-12H Tile / 60x60cm, ROE Blackface & In- & Outdoor LED

Audio technology 

30 d&b V Sub
60 d&b V8

Lighting consoles: 3x console MA grandMA2 full-size, MA Lighting
Sound consoles: 2x Desk CL5 (72-8), Yamaha digital mixing console

Cable length: approx. 8,5km

Featured Product

Best Boy®

PRG offers the versatile Best Boy® in three versions: Best Boy® HP, Best Boy HP® Framing, and Best Boy HP® Wash, each packed with diverse features for exceptional performance.