Veranstaltungstechnik auf hoher See: Schiffstaufe TUI Cruises "Mein Schiff 2"

"Discoverer" - this was the motto for the christening of the "Mein Schiff 2" cruise ship from TUI Cruises.

Fittingly, the christening was to take place in Lisbon, known as the "City of Explorers." After all, it was from there that important explorers such as Vasco da Gama and Henry the Navigator set off on their spectacular voyages across the sea. To underline the motto of the christening, PRG, together with the agency insglück and the specialist planners from Production Office, planned a "discoverer ship". In other words, a ship on a ship. One of the specific technical solutions developed by PRG was the sail of the discoverer ship equipped with LEDs, which was the centerpiece of the event against the spectacular backdrop of Lisbon near the mouth of the Tejo River.
PRGs journey with the "Mein Schiff" began in Bremerhaven, in order to be able to set up the event technology during the voyage to Lisbon without disturbing the ongoing operation of the ship and the guests of the cruise. Here, both the seaworthiness of the technology and that of the technicians were put to the test, as the team had to contend with heavy seas at times. "On a ship, there are a new set of rules; for example, everything is under the control of the captain - he is the boss and has the final say," noted Malte Heindl from the insglück agency. "It was therefore important for us to work on this project with a technology partner that has experience building on water."  
The limited resources on the high seas posed further hurdles: "A particular challenge with ship events is the logistics, as you are working on different decks and locations," said Sven Heidlas, project manager at PRG. For example, the power requirements had to be scheduled in advance in a seaworthy manner, since only a limited number of connections were available on the cruise ship. PRG realized the entire show, including lighting and sound, with only four available 63A connections - a task that required precise advance planning. Due to the swell threatening our smooth operation, the entire setup was tested on solid ground beforehand. "The fact that PRG sets up everything in the warehouse beforehand gives us a guarantee that everything will run smoothly. I find that highly professional and very good. That's why we have already worked successfully with PRG for several events on our ships," said Ellen Angersbach, Head of Events TUI Cruises, summing up her impression.

PRG thanks TUI Cruises, Production Office and insglück for the good cooperation and wishes the Mein Schiff 2 a safe journey and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel!
Built-in technology:


  •  120x LED Wash
  •  32x LED Movinglight Wash + weather protection
  •  42x IP 65 Movinglight Hybrid
  •  4x Followspots
  •  280x LED SGM LB-100 LEDBall (chain)
  •  2x Grand MA 2 Deck
  • 4x fog machine


  • 24x Speaker d&b Y10 + Y 7
  •  10x Speaker d&b Y-sub
  •  1x Desk QL1 (32-8), Yamaha digital mixing console
  • 2x Desk CL5 (72-8), Yamaha digital mixing console       
  •  Div. accessories
  •  Dante network

Camera technology:

  •  2x Dome Camera Panasonic AW-HE120K black / HDMI+SDI
  •  2x camera train LDK Wireless Set, Grass Valley
  •  1x Rec. SSD Ki PRO Ultra Plus (4x3G-SDI Rec, 1x4K-Rec, ProRes), AJA
  •  1x director HD PPU S HS450, Panasonic HD Multiformat System.


  • 12x LED 75" Full HD / Data Display, Samsung DM75E
  •  2x LED 43" Full HD / data display, Samsung PM43H LED
  •  3x LED 32" full HD / data display, Samsung PM32F


  • approx. 5t rigging material
  • ca. 180 lfm truss
  • ca. 100m2 platform surfaces
  • ca. 50 special parts
  • Flag mechanics self-made