One great staging concept for ‘30 years since the Berlin Wall fell’ celebrations

So many ‘wow moments’ during the celebrations on November 9th in Berlin!

More than 100,000 spectators were drawn to the Brandenburg Gate, where the highlight of the festival week marking the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall took place. PRG was a part of this amazing event with a crew of 180, providing the 360° full event technology services, including rigging, lighting, video, audio as well as broadcast and communication technology. A total of 140 tons of event technology were installed around the Brandenburg Gate. A varied program could be enjoyed on the two stages.  The concept was developed by ‘Kulturprojekte Berlin’ and the agency ‘Phase 7’

In the middle was a gigantic projection sphere, which was planned as a 3D model by PRG, so that the projection on the sphere could also be perceived spatially by the audience on site as well as the TV viewers. This sphere symbolized the globe and, with a diameter of 19m, formed the central element of the setting. The projections on the sphere showed the stage events, impressive shots from all over the world, partly with a contemporary background, as well as generated live content (social media commentary from enthusiastic viewers). The projection was handled by six Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projectors installed on two towers. The LED screens consisted of approximately 500 ROE MC-7H V3 LED modules. PRG also had two LED trucks in use - each with 50m² LED surface - consisting of MC-7HB modules, which also presented the stage events and the content to the more distant audience.
During the first three construction days, the team completed the rigging work and installed the lighting. From November 4th till 10th, the art installation ‘Vision in Motion - Your vision in the sky above Berlin’ took place in front of the Brandenburg Gate. PRG also supplied the lighting technology for this installation. People could write their wishes and messages on ribbons that floated as a waving flag above the famous street ‘Straße des 17. Juni’. Due to this art project, the construction work during this period could only be carried out at night. A challenge that the team mastered thanks to a perfectly tuned crew logistic. Also the very strict safety precautions, which were prescribed due to the number of celebrities attending  (16 foreign ministers were on site), had to be considered in the planning – since for example, no empty cases were allowed to remain near the stages.

The two lighting designers Flo Erdmann and Sven Sören Beyer composed an impressive lighting event for the show. A total of more than 600 lamps were used, which had to be fit for an outdoor event and therefore very resistant. In addition to the Elation Proteus Hybrid and the Elation Paladin Panel, the PRG Icon Edge and the PRG Icon Beam were also part of the lighting kit. In addition, 90 GLP lamps were installed - such as the GLP Impression X4L. The lighting technology was controlled, amongst other, by four GrandMA 2 full-size consoles.

The audio signals were provided by a powerful Meyer Sound system, which covered the entire area in front of the Brandenburg Gate as well as adequately supplying the street ‘Straße des 17. Juni’ over a distance of around 500m with various delay lines. Our crew installed 28x Meyer Sound Lyon M, 12x Meyer Sound Lyon W and 24x Meyer Sound 1100-LFC amongst others. Whether it was for a musical contribution and classical sounds of Beethoven's 5th Symphony or for more beat with Westbam's fat techno - the sound was very convincing and the audience was enthusiastic.

Despite the bad weather conditions and heavy rain during the preparations, this globally acclaimed event was a complete success. PRG would like to thank everyone involved and is happy to have been part of this impressive event for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall! … and of course a big thank you to PRG’s marvelous crew!

The Icon® Edge is PRGs  lightweight, compact hybrid luminaire.

Icon Edge

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