Tailor-made creative services and technology for the Fielmann Annual Meeting 2019

For the first time this year, the Fielmann Annual Meeting 2019 took place in Hamburg's Barclaycard Arena – a venue rather associated with big pop concerts, sports and show events than with an Annual Meeting for around 2,000 participants. In order to convince Fielmann of the feasibility in advance, the PRG creative team designed a room concept and presented it to them together with the corresponding visualisations. In these vivid renderings, which visualised the location with the technical equipment and inventory in addition to an intelligent room division, the specifications and Fielmann's own corporate identity were also taken into account. The solution turned out to be convincing. Therefore, Barclaycard Arena was happily chosen as a venue for the Annual Meeting 2019. 
Klaus Rahe (Director Creative Services PRG) sees the possibility of working with visualisations as a great advantage, but also as a challenge, as PRG has been the technical-creative service provider for the Fielmann Annual Meetings for many years: "We are always trying to make something new, to keep the corporate identity in the foreground, but still remain innovative and modern and then adapt the whole thing to the new location.”

In addition to the room concept and the 1:1 implementation, PRG was also responsible for all technical services. The team around Senior Account Manager Tom Kaczmarek installed the rigging, the lighting, sound and video technology, the media servers for the video content, and the camera technology as well as all deco buildings, set and stage construction and the furnishing.
Besides the customer's wishes, also the ideas of lighting designer Jerry Appelt in the planning and implementation had to be considered. In addition to the adequate technology, Jerry Appelt also attaches great importance to professional personnel in order to achieve flawless cooperation: “Especially in such a case, where we are in charge of this project together for a very long period of time, it is important to have a trusting cooperation. Everyone knows what it's all about, the contacts are clearly defined, the communication channels are short and the 'cross-departmental' thinking is also very, very important here - and that works superbly."
This aspect also helped to ensure that the 2019 Fielmann Annual General Meeting went off without a hitch once again. PRG is looking forward to 2020 and says thank you for many years of trusting cooperation.