PRG stages the first Fielmann Online Annual General Meeting

For many years now, Germany’s most successful optician Fielmann has been working with PRG to ensure that the annual general meetings and press conferences are carried out with technical and visual perfection. Due to the Corona crisis, like many, this event were held online for the first time this year. After PRG had already successfully implemented the Fielmann annual accounts press conference as a streaming event a few weeks ago, the aim was now to stage the considerably more complex Annual General Meeting as a purely online event, so that shareholders could view it conveniently and securely on their home computers.

For this purpose, two studios were used in the Hamburg Cinegate Studios, which belonged to PRG, to ensure the event both complied with social distance rules and kept the entire event technology separate from the large stage with the board members of Fielmann AG – if only for acoustic reasons. As usual, PRG provided a 360° service here, including sound, lighting, video, streaming connections as well as stage and decoration construction. The basis for this was the stage and lighting design created by Jerry Appelt.

Jerry Appelt (Production / Lighting Design): Compared to a live Annual Meeting, the camera image is much more important for an online version. Therefore the whole lighting has to be adjusted to the camera technology. We mainly rely on the GLP-S350 series (washer and spots). And to create a bit of architectural space, we placed the GLP-X4 bars to the left and right of the stage and FR1 LED moving lights as spotlights above the LED wall.” 

The heart of the stage design consisted of a high-resolution ROE Black Onyx2 LED wall (5,984x1,760px at 2.8mm pixel pitch), with a size of 17x5 meters, on which backgrounds and various recordings during the HV were shown. The video feeds were done via Watchout (for the backgrounds) and the Screen Management System (for overlays and PiP). PRG used three camera systems – plus a camera on rails, which provided a dynamic image impression to showcase the AGM. 

For the illumination Jerry Appelt relied on lighting fixtures from GLP: the washer and the spots of the S350 series (with aperture slider) – as a contemporary replacement for step lenses and profile spotlights. To create a bit of architectural space, the GLP-X4 bars were placed to the left and right of the stage in the studio, with FR1 LED moving lights as spotlights above the LED wall. Tom Kaczmarek (Senior Account Manager PRG), who has been responsible for Fielmann events for many years, once again pulled all the strings and, together with the colleagues and associated companies involved, ensured that this year’s streamed AGM was technically perfect and shared seamlessly across a ‘digital stage’ to the complete satisfaction of Fielmann AG.

Special thanks to:
Fielmann AG
GLP (German Light Products) 
Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign
Udo Kinnigkeit (Concept for Vision, Deko-Bau)
Kai Picht (Catering)

PRG Services delivered:

  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Rigging
  • Video
  • Cameras (one camera on rails)
  • Media Servers
  • Broadcast system control
  • Streaming connections
  • Set construction

Tech Facts:

  • Stage backdrop: 17x5m LED wall, ROE Black Onyx2 LED modules (5,984 x 1,760px & 2.8mm pixel pitch)
  • Lighting: GLP S350 (Wash & Spot), GLP-X4 bars and FR1 LED moving lights
  • Location: Cinegate Studios in Hamburg (using two studios)