PRG UK: A Legacy of Innovation in the UK West End Theatre Business Linked to Broadway

As the curtains rise and the spotlight illuminates the stage, the magic of theatre comes to life, captivating audiences with its storytelling and spectacle. Behind the scenes of some of the most iconic productions in the UK West End Theatre business, stands PRG UK, a driving force of innovation and excellence since the late nineties.

This year marks a significant milestone for PRG UK, as they celebrate their legacy intertwined with some of Broadway's biggest hits gracing the stages of the United Kingdom and some productions that have been created in the UK and franchised worldwide.

Peter Marshall, Sales Director Theatre at PRG UK, and his team reflect on the legacy of the UK West End Theatre business and intertwined with the success of some of these Broadway hit transfers, PRG remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to support the Theatre industry here in London’s West End and touring theatre worldwide with lighting systems and the support that they require from the mid-eighties to the present day and hopefully for many years to come. As a lighting supplier, we see ourselves as partners in these long-running shows assisting the lighting design teams and the producers as these fantastic shows evolve over many years and decades.”

With a passion for storytelling and a dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences, PRG UK continues to help support technical innovation for the stage and for the theatrical magic to unfold, captivating audiences for years to come.

25 Years of "Mamma Mia!" in the West End which started at the Prince Edward Theatre back in 1999, and the touring production celebrates its twentieth anniversary on 23/09/24 and goes back to Dublin where it started back in 2004. A testament to the enduring appeal of this beloved musical, for two decades, PRG UK has been an integral part of bringing the enchanting world of ABBA's music to life on stage working with Lighting Designer, Howard Harrison and Associate Lighting Designers, Andrew Voller, Pia Virolainen and David Holmes with their dazzling lighting designs to flawless technical execution on the tour from Production Electrician, Martin Chisnall, PRG UK's contributions have played a pivotal role in the success of this feel-good production.

Lion King” celebrates 25 years in London at the Lyceum Theatre, the show started on the 19th of October 1999 and PRG has supported the design team on this iconic production which was lit by Lighting Designer, Donald Holder and his team which has already included two major upgrades to the lighting system, the lighting rig originally used a Series 200 Vari-Lite system which was upgraded in 2006 to Vari-Lite VL2500 spots and washes and later this year the rig will be enhanced further with the purchase of ETC Halcyon fixtures. The system was expertly installed by Peter Lambert and his lighting crew.

"Wicked" in London celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2026 and in preparation for this, they carried out a major upgrade to the lighting system back in January and February earlier this year. PRG UK also celebrates 20 years of support for "Wicked", a spellbinding journey into the untold story of the witches of Oz. Since its inception, PRG UK provided cutting-edge lighting and technical solutions and has recently elevated the production to new heights by upgrading the show’s lighting, working with Lighting Designer, Kenneth Posner who was supported by Associate Lighting Designer, Karen Spahn, providing ETC Halcyon Gold Ultra-Bright LED profiles specially designed for theatres and opera houses, and the new GLP X5 LED fixtures, renowned for their high performance and professional-grade LED wash lights, the system was programmed by Nick Simmons and installed by Production Electrician, Peter Lambert and his technical staff, for Production Manager, Lloyd Thomas.

Book of Mormon” opened in London in 2013 and celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year. PRG supplied a lighting rig to a lighting design by Lighting Designer Brian MacDevitt and Associate Lighting Designer Humphrey McDermott the show is currently in the middle of various equipment upgrades from the arc-based moving lights to Icon LED Stages, ETC Lustr2 LED fixed focus profiles, and the rig was expertly installed by Production Electrician, Fraser Hall and his team.

As "Hamilton" continues its successful run in the West End, now in its 7th year, the groundbreaking musical, with its revolutionary storytelling and dynamic staging, is a testament to PRG UK's commitment and support to the production for Cameron Mackintosh Production Managers, Chris Boone, and Aggi Agostino, and to a Lighting Design to the late great Lighting Designer Howell Binkley who was supported by Associate Lighting Designer, Ryan O’Gara, with state-of-the-art lighting equipment which was expertly installed by Production Electrician, Peter Lambert and his lighting crew.

In its third year, "Moulin Rouge!" has dazzled audiences with its opulent sets, vibrant costumes, and electrifying performances. Behind the scenes, PRG UK's contributions have been essential in bringing the glitz and glamour of Paris' iconic cabaret to the Piccadilly Theatre. PRG provided a lighting rig as specified by Lighting Designer, Justin Townsend, who was supported by Associate Lighting Designers Nick Solyom and Chris Hirst. The lighting system was expertly installed by Production Electrician, Fraser Hall and his lighting staff, Production Manager, Matt Towell.