35LIVE! combines the power and immediacy of live broadcast with a big-screen aesthetic. It replaces the traditional multi-camera approach with digital 35mm cinema cameras and lenses.

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Our exclusive technology, 35LIVE!®, revolutionizes television events, infusing them with a cinematic essence that captivates viewers. 35LIVE! seamlessly marries the dynamism and immediacy of live broadcasting with the grandeur of the big screen. At its core, this innovative solution relies on film-style, large sensor camera systems featuring lightweight, modular configurations. A dedicated team of technical specialists collaborates harmoniously to craft mesmerizing cinematic visuals, all in real-time. This versatile system harmoniously interfaces with various cameras, offering a valuable tool for repurposing original content across diverse platforms, including television, streaming, theaters, and DVD/Blu-ray releases.

The 35LIVE! workflow represents a departure from conventional multi-camera approaches, replacing them with cutting-edge digital 35mm cinema cameras and precision lenses. Our experts collaborate closely with the Director of Photography (DP) to manifest the cinematic vision of each project, deploying technology that consistently delivers exceptional results, whether in pre-recorded content or during live broadcasts.

Key System Components:

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