Ideal for the Live events sector, WonderWall is a modular scenic wonder offered for rental by PRG Projects. This versatile luminaire, a successor to the acclaimed PRG SPACEFRAME™, brings dynamic multi-functionality to the forefront.


PRG Wonderwall Features and advantages: 

  • 3 sided hybrid luminaire with ROE CB8 LED on one side
  • 2 x 4 array of 60W RGBW OSRAM LED on the other and a high reflective mirror on the third side
  • Capable of 540° rotation on the tilt axes
  • Can alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects or reflect other light sources and laser of the mirrored panels.
  • The 8 mm pitch of the video side offers the perfect balance of definition required to display video media on stage, of screen size for enabling full HD, and of overall system brightness
  • Revolutionary optical zoom system with a range of 10° to 38°

  • Front face of WonderWall can be integrated into a modified ROE CB8 panel which offers exciting new possibilities for creating graphical effects.
  • Carbon fiber fabrication and built-in wind bracing reduces overall weight increasing safety and savings
  • Compact, lightweight design offers up-to 30 percent reduction of installation/dismantle time and a 25 percent reduction in overall labor cost
  • Strobe Effect / Smooth dimming / Video mapping
  • DMX controllable
  • Dimensions unit: 57x27x27cm

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