PRG Sync

The ultimate event content management solution. Say goodbye to last-minute edits and technical glitches.

With centralised content management, real-time updates, seamless delivery, built-in redundancy, and unmatched security, PRG Sync elevates your events to the next level.

PRG Sync enhanced the presenter experience at Celosphere 2023. With over 11 breakout rooms and workshops requiring a multitude ofpresentations, speakers felt at ease knowing their content was current, secure, and ready to present when they entered their session. PRG handled all IT infrastructure and provided on-site support in speaker ready rooms.

Breakout rooms have been reassigned. Speakers are tweaking content. Signage needs updating and it’s five minutes to showtime.

We’ve got you covered!

PRG’s proprietary content management solution allows our clients to better integrate audiovisual presentations and manage speakers in complex meeting environments. This secure, easy-to-use system helps keep meetings running smoothly and on schedule.

This is how it works

  • Centralized Content Management System: Store and manage all your event content in one secure location.
  • Real-time updates: Speakers can effortlessly edit their presentations on-site or in the cloud, ensuring everyone has the latest version.
  • Seamless delivery: No more scrambling for USB drives.PRG Sync delivers presentations directly to the designated breakout rooms.
  • Built-in redundancy: Relax knowing your data is safely backed up in multiple locations, preventing any last-minute hiccups.
  • Unmatched security: End-to-end encryption and regular penetration testing guarantee the highest level of data protection.

File Support:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Apple Keynote
  • PDF
  • MP4 and other major video file types

Operating System Choices:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple MacOS
  • Both can be run in a mixed environment, providing support for speakers who are more comfortable on one or the other

The Benefits are Clear

  • EASE OF USE: You don’t need to be a technical expert to be a great speaker. PRG Sync was developed to be the most speaker-friendly content-management tool available with simple, intuitive navigation and operation.
  • SPEED: Breakout rooms get reassigned. Content requires editing. Attendees need updating. Sync can accommodate changes minutes before showtime and push the revised version to the correct location.
  • SUPPORT: Sync eliminates the frustration of scrambling for real-time help, whether for speakers or technicians. Its in-platform help feature offers a direct email connection to trained staff ready to assist.

  • VERSATILITY: Windows. Mac. Video. Graphics. Presentations. Working with PRG Sync means there a virtually no limits on content type or file format.
  • SECURITY: Sync is the content-management application of choice for retailers, financial institutions and others for whom content security is a primary concern.
  • SPEAKER EXPERIENCE: Empower speakers to focus on delivering their best presentations, not worry about where and how their content is being handled.

Roslyn Hall

Content Operations Manager, Global Brands Campaings, Celonis

“We would be thrilled to use PRG Sync again, I’ve received so many wonderful compliments from our own team, but also from our customer and partner speakers on how excited they are to have the opportunity to work on their presentations during the event”.

Sync in Action

Celonis user conference "Celosphere 2023" in a huge aircraft hangar

PRG's 360° technical support transformed a Munich Airport aircraft hangar for Celonis' user conference, Celosphere 2023, ensuring seamless technology and ambiance.



PRG provided audio, video, lighting, scenic, presentation management and content management services.


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