Pixel Tablets

Revolutionizing creativity, pixel tablets provide ingenious answers for expansive venue landscape video needs. By engaging visitors in interactive visuals and crafting a landscape alive with imaginative lighting displays, among other innovative approaches.

These tablets offer a unique show element, turning a venue seating into a large video surface. This product is flexible and can be installed into any stadium or venue.

The tablets can for example be installed in between the seating of the stadium using a custom designed system. When in their holders, the tablets are visible creating the effect of landscape video.

The pixel tablets can also be used as a hand-held device to create crowd involvement. The spectator can take the tablet from its holder, which enhances the live experience.
The handle and the cable are designed to be flexible, user friendly and can connect up to 28 tablets. For more information on these tablets, contact us.

PRG Pixel Tablets in Kuala Lumpur at the SAE Games 2017

The Pixel tablets at the opening ceremony of the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur 2017