Meet the TitanX LED Panel, developed by PRG and INFiLED.  Impressively transparent at 70%, it's ideal for blow-through setups, enabling seamless overlay of lighting, effects, and audio. 

The Ultimate Transparent Touring Solution

The Infiled TITAN-X series is a new ultimate rental LED system specifically designed for outdoor touring markets.

The new cutting edge TITAN-X outdoor touring panels feature high-brightness LEDs of 8.3mm pixel pitch, producing stunning visuals with vibrant colors and high contrast. Each LED diode has been treated with an advanced protection shield, providing the ultimate UV, weather & dust protection. The Titan-X LED panel features an integrated NovaStar processing, and a broad 160˚ viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically. Boasting 4,000 nits brightness and IP65 rating, it excels in challenging conditions.

The unique design of the TITAN-X cabinets offers an excellent transparency of 70%, bringing new dimensions to your creative outdoor stage sets and allowing the sound and light effects to easily cut through the LED wall system.

The panels are remarkably strong and robust, but also extremely lightweight. Each cabinet offers extensive load capacity and advanced overall stability due to its innovative X-frame structure – a unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system. The large-format TITAN-X video walls can resist wind speeds of up to 20m/sec, with the screen reaching a height of up to 24m, making these panels a perfect choice for outdoor festivals and events.

The extra-large size cabinets (1200x1200mm) feature an intuitive lock in system, resulting in a rapid installation. The TITAN-X frame is climbable and allows for both front or rear service and easy maintenance access.

A dedicated dolly system has been specifically developed to allow for easy transportation and to make the installation process super-efficient. The innovative design of the panels enables lifting operation straight from the dolly. The foldable bracing design of each cabinet saves on storage space, the cabinets can be transported in their dollies even with extra accessories being attached.

Designed to provide you with infinite creative possibilities for your stage, the TITAN-X video wall can be set up as a convex or concave curved display of the ±15deg angle.



  • Designed specifically for outdoor touring markets
  • Excellent transparency of 70%
  • Innovative TITAN-X frame allowing for extensive load capacity
  • Unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system
  • Extra-large lightweight cabinets (1200x1200mm)
  • Dedicated dolly system for easy transport & efficient setup
  • Designed to create convex and concave curved displays (±15deg)

PRG Soundblast Solution

“The Titan-X and the PRG SoundBlast Solution will allow us to take a step forward in the development of large videos and video content design because being able to place the sound behind the video screen has been the dream of all designers!” 

Innovations Applied

We are dedicated to broadening creative opportunities and alleviating challenges within the industry. PRGs unique offerings, solutions, and processes are designed in alignment with our customers' visions and goals.

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