PRG supplies the fixed installation for Cirque de Paname

A rousing creation in which acrobats, dancers, comedians, singers and musicians take over the stage. A total experience in which technology plays a leading role. Cirque de Paname brings a story of superlatives: "The World of Jalèya".  


The construction of Longchamp's Hippodrome is unique. Metal arches form an open space of 6,000 m2, with no columns or supporting structures to obstruct the view. Lighting designer Romain Labat explains, "We removed the poles and columns to give all spectators a maximum view. The result is a good view, regardless of the type of ticket or price category. Everyone can see the entire scenery and really enjoy the spectacle." 

A lighting spectacle 

The high complexity of the scenery required automatic tracking, for which our PRG-standard solution, the GroundControl, combined with the PRG Bad Boys, were the perfect solution. Romain Labat, lighting designer for the show, also praises PRG Icon Edge's and PRG Best Boy Washes, two types of fixtures that allowed him to implement all the desired elements for the show. "I discovered the Icon Edges, super hybrid, polyvalent beams with flux, great colors and beautiful gobos. The second surprise for me, and these are my little favorites: the Best Boy Washes. I filled the whole stage with these two units and it's just perfect." 

An immersive listening experience 

With so many artists on stage, 120 sound inputs and 74 outputs were needed. Yamaha's PM7 was the choice par excellence, as it integrated perfectly with the DANTE ecosystem. DNB's DS100 was chosen to meet the spatiality requirements. It is a matrix that allows a mix to be designed in 360° around the audience. "It's amazing what that leads to and how it really makes a difference when you forget about the panoramic sound and mixing we're used to and instead consider every sound device throughout the room. It really opens up new perspectives on mixing," explain audio designers Arnaud Bayssat and Grégory Carlet. 

Our approach 

To ensure the success of this project in record time, a dedicated team from PRG France was on hand for the project, constantly supported by our international network of experts to guarantee excellence in all areas.
Or as our valued client Guillaume Brossollet puts it, "The staff fully engaged in the project together with us, and this is really important and warms our hearts".

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