A ‘Studio Gateway’ to the world - How the PRG Virtual Production Studio-xR in Hamburg offers customers new possibilities.

Camera Broadcast
Virtual Production

Corporate events, advertising shoots, film and series productions, festivals - all of this is difficult to invision during the Corona crisis. But thanks to the PRG Virtual Production Studio-xR, it is once again possible to create these productions! Our team has turned one of the Cinegate studios in Hamburg into a "gateway to the world". Covering more than 400 square metres, PRG has built a setup which is capable of bringing almost any scenery into the studio to make virtual events possible. Virtual Productions have already successfully produced various productions including blockbusters such as ‘Joker’ and ‘Star Wars’ to shoot scenes in ideal conditions in the studio. The studio offers optimal technical conditions for all digital and virtual formats; and with the help of Extended Reality (xR), completely new production formats are also possible in which the real-world merges with the virtual world.
For the advertising and film industry in particular, this concept brings enormous added value, and not just in times of the pandemic. By implementing xR in the studio, the production saves time, logistical effort and costs for post-production. You are independent of weather conditions and a change of location is possible at the click of a mouse.
In the PRG Virtual Production Studio in Hamburg, a 90 square meter high resolution LED wall was set up as a backdrop. The screen is about 22 meters wide and is 4 meters tall, and is made up of panels with a 2.8mm pixel pitch. A 35-square-meter movable LED ceiling is also used both to illuminate the set and is also ideal as an Ambilight. In addition, an LED floor can be added to enable a virtual set extension. Compared with green screen, the use of xR means reflections on mirror and glass surfaces as well as on faces are real and do not have to be added afterwards in post-production. In our studio, we shoot in real time, for nobody to have to be cut out in the process. With the help of additional mobile LED modules, realistic-looking lighting effects can also be created. With the help of additional mobile LED modules, realistic-looking lighting effects can also be created.

Another big oppourtunity PRG offers is the collaboration with Cinegate. Cinegate is a subsidiary company of PRG and uses high-quality camera and lighting technology as well as grip such as dollies and rails and thus offers film productions diverse and professional possibilities. The proximity to the PRG warehouse in Hamburg also ensures that all types of event technology is quickly available.
Our team is very happy to advise customers and support them in the implementation of their projects. If you are interested in a production in our studio, please contact our experts:
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