Five-yearly ACV - CSC Virtual Congress runs smoothly with PRG Services

In collaboration with Dynamic Events, our crew ensured the smooth running of the major five-yearly congress of ACV – CSC, during which ACV will determine the steps the company will undertake in the coming years.  This year's congress revolved around digitalization and innovation in the public sector. As a result of the corona crisis, digitization has suddenly gained momentum, also in the public sector, which nicely resulted in an on-the-spot translation of the congress’ theme into reality. 
Due to the current Covid measures, they opted for a virtual approach in our PRG Digital Studio set-up, located in our partner venue The Egg, Brussels. Workshops, experience rooms, panels, talks and debates kept the participants busy. The conference hosted more than 60 speakers in total throughout the two congress days.  

It was an extensive event with its’ corresponding challenges. With a 30-person PRG crew headcount, we provided our client Dynamic Events a 360° service: lighting, audio, set design, camera capture and livestreaming! Due to the large scale of the event, PRG installed 5 additional studios, bringing the total up to 8 in the same venue. It was exceptional: 8 separate studios, 12 simultaneous multilingual streams, a zoom session implementation, and all that in a limited bandwidth and Covid-proof environment.
According to Covid measures, all surfaces and microphones had to be disinfected, meaning more than 50 microphones were treated in between all the sessions in a very short laps of time. What a challenge! Given the numerous variables of this project, there was an intensive pre-production process between our PRG services and our client, the agency Dynamic Events. 

We would like to thank them for their trust and the trueful great collaboration!