Mbox® family

 **NEW RELEASE - June 25, 2024 - Mbox® v5.1.1**

The Mbox® family delivers a wide range of creative software solutions for powerful and flexible media playback, composition, and delivery.

The primary applications in the Mbox family are Mbox and Mbox Player. Mbox is a fully-featured media server, for both live and cued events requiring multi-layer composition with multiple input and output options. Mbox Player focuses on streamlined playback and output, with singlesource media playback and a single output.

The newly-released Mbox v5 software has received a substantial rewrite from previous versions. Mbox v5 is a “universal” application, meaning it runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs. Furthermore, Mbox v5 uses Apple’s Metal framework to enhance performance and provide full compatibility with all current Apple Mac hardware and the most recent versions of macOS.
Mbox excels at the core media server functionality of real-time video and audio playback, multi-layer composition with effects and transitions, and flexible video input and output. Mbox’s advanced pixel mapping capabilities can be used to create lighting effects to match video output, or for real-time environmental lighting in a TV or Film setting. Controlled by the Mbox Director application or a lighting console, and combined with the Mbox Remote application for monitoring and configuration, the Mbox software provides a fully-featured and flexible toolset for both live events and enhanced environments.

Mbox offers a subscription based licensing system with four license levels, structured to provide the right level of functionality for shows from big to small - Designer, Studio Plus, Studio, and Mini. The Mbox Designer license enables every 2D and 3D feature for ultimate power and flexibility, with 24 layers for playback, and no limits placed on video output or pixel mapping. The Mbox Studio and Studio Plus licenses scale back on 3D functionality, but retain all the core 2D capabilities of the Designer license. Studio has 12 layers for playback, video output up to 4K, and 10,000 pixel mapping pixels. Studio Plus builds upon Studio’s foundation, and doubles both the video output and pixel mapping pixel quantities. The Mbox Mini license keeps the core 2D feature set for playback and composition, but reduces complexity. Mini has six layers for playback, video output up to 2x 2K, and 5,000 pixel mapping pixels.

Mbox Director and Mbox Remote work seamlessly with the Mbox media server software. Used together, Mbox Director and Mbox Remote can control and configure all aspects of the Mbox software – playback, cueing, configuration, content synchronization, and monitoring – eliminating the need for a lighting console and creating a unified toolset for all setup tasks. If control from a lighting console is preferred, every parameter can be controlled, and Mbox Remote can still be used for configuration and monitoring.

No matter the license level, the Mbox software works in the same manner, with every layer being able to display a combination of 2D texture and 3D object and the ability to perform transitions between content on the same layer. All levels of Mbox can handle 4K playback and provide a substantial array of play modes, effects, and transitions.

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All information about the Mbox Designer from PRG can be found here
All information about the Mbox Designer from PRG can be found here

MBox Designer

Mbox Designer is the most fully-featured version of the Mbox® media server family and is intended for use on larger or more involved shows requiring complex composition across multiple display surfaces.

All information about the Mbox Director from PRG can be found here
All information about the Mbox Director from PRG can be found here

MBOX Director

The Mbox® family of media server software offers users accessible and flexible solutions for video playback and composition. While the Mbox software can be seamlessly controlled via a lighting console, it may not always be the ideal choice. This is where Mbox Director steps in. Director provides a user-friendly gateway into using the Mbox software, and its advanced capabilities make it suitable for larger and more intricate productions.

All information about the Mbox Mini from PRG can be found here
All information about the Mbox Mini from PRG can be found here

Mbox Mini

Every production, regardless of its scale, deserves access to top-notch, creative video playback and compositing capabilities. Mbox® Mini empowers users to operate in the same manner as other Mbox versions, delivering outstanding results while keeping costs to a minimum. Just because you have a smaller budget doesn't mean you can't deliver an exceptional show.

All information about the Mbox Player from PRG can be found here
All information about the Mbox Player from PRG can be found here

MBox Player

Introducing the latest addition to the Mbox family, Mbox® Player. Player is a media playback application designed with a focus on straightforward setup, rapid programming, and efficient playback control. It excels in structured playback scenarios, making it ideal for corporate events, and can also serve as a straightforward playback solution in various other productions.

MBox Remote

Introducing Mbox® Remote, the application designed for seamless remote monitoring, content management, and comprehensive configuration control of various aspects within the Mbox application.

All information about the Mbox Studio from PRG can be found here
All information about the Mbox Studio from PRG can be found here

MBox Studio

Introducing Mbox® Studio, the flagship product within the Mbox media server family. Mbox Studio is renowned for its widespread popularity, offering the signature single-layer crossfading feature that simplifies operation and accelerates programming. It combines this ease of use with substantial power, versatility, and a comprehensive toolset tailored to medium to large live events and permanent installations.

The version comparison of the Mbox software from PRG

The Mbox software is compatible with macOS versions from 10.14.6 Mojave to 13 Ventura. Mbox is a universal application that will run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel processors and is compatible with all recent Apple Mac computers. We always recommend testing on your computer prior to purchasing a subscription. For evaluation purposes, the Mbox software can be freely downloaded for testing and will run in demo mode (with minor limitations) until a subscription is purchased.

Mbox Player approaches the idea of media delivery differently to the Mbox media server software. Mbox Player’s key purpose is simplified, single-source playback with 16:9 output for video, still image, and text content, including support for audio playback. A built-in user interface selects media for playback, and allows media clips to be sequentially linked by cuts, crossfades, and delays. Mbox Player can be used as either a standalone playback solution or as part of a larger system with multiple computers and having separate playback.

The Mbox Player software is compatible with macOS versions from 10.10 Yosemite to 13 Ventura, and with all recent Intel and Apple Silicon processor computers. While Mbox Player does not yet run natively on Apple Silicon processors, requiring Apple’s Rosetta interpreter, a universal version is in development.