Mbox Mini

Every show, whether large or small, should be able to have the same high-quality, creative video playback and compositing. The Mbox® Mini license enables users to work in the same way as with other levels of Mbox licenses and to get the same exemplary results, while keeping the expense to a minimum. Just because your budget is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t create a great show.

 **NEW RELEASE - June 25, 2024 - Mbox® v5.1.1**
US$500 Yearly Subscription

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Check out the Mbox Comparison Chart for more details on the differences between the Mbox Mini, Studio, Studio Plus, and Designer license levels.

Every Mbox license includes single-layer crossfading, a key component of the Mbox software which makes programming fast and easy. The Mini license focuses on providing the right tools for 2D playback and compositing, in a compact footprint, for an unbeatable price. Mini easily meets the needs of smaller shows or installations that only require 2D content manipulation, and doesn’t leave out what makes Mbox great – flexibility, ease of use, and creative composition.

Subscription licenses for Mbox Mini are available as either soft-licenses or USB license keys:

If you have any questions about subscription licensing for Mbox, or if you would rather purchase a USB license key for Mbox Mini or would like to upgrade any existing Mbox license please contact MboxSupport@PRG.com.

If you would like to purchase a new subscription soft-license for Mbox Mini, please use the purchase button below to visit our MyCommerce online sales portal. When purchasing a soft-license for Mbox, we recommend that you create a MyCommerce user account to allow you to manage your subscription.

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Click to purchase a subscription for Mbox Mini:

The Mbox software is compatible with macOS versions from 10.14.6 Mojave to 13 Ventura. Mbox is a universal application that will run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel processors and is compatible with all recent Apple Mac computers.

For evaluation purposes, the Mbox software can be freely downloaded for testing and will run in demo mode (with minor limitations) until a subscription is purchased. We always recommend testing the Mbox software on your computer prior to purchasing a subscription, as your computer’s hardware may impact performance.

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Download Datasheet
Download User Manual