Mbox Director

Video has become an increasingly important element in live entertainment. The Mbox® media server software gives users easy to use and flexible solutions for video playback and composition. While the Mbox software can be controlled by a lighting console, that may not be the right choice for everyone, and that’s where Mbox Director comes in. Director is the easiest way to start programming and running shows with the Mbox software, and due to its advanced features it can also be used on larger and more complex shows.

**NEW RELEASE - May, 27, 2024 - Mbox® Director v5.1**

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Mbox Director can be used to control all aspects of the Mbox media server software for both programming and playback, eliminating the need for a lighting console. It allows for simple, easy control of the Mbox media server software through its familiar and easily understandable GUI. Allowing for quick, visual programming, the control parameters in Director have not been diluted, giving users access to the full range of control. The Director application runs on any compatible Mac computer and can control the Mbox media server software running on the same computer or on a networked computer.

The Mbox Director software is compatible with macOS versions from 10.14.6 Mojave to 13 Ventura. Mbox Director is a universal application that will run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel processors and is compatible with all recent Apple Mac computers.

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