Aston Martin's Flagship Q New York Celebrates Grand Opening with Spectacular Lighting Design


Aston Martin's highly anticipated flagship Q New York recently celebrated its grand opening with an event that left attendees in awe, featuring a stunning lighting design orchestrated by talented Lighting Designer Will Chandler, Lead Producer Amanda Murray, and Technical Director Jasper Kuo, who worked with PRG as provider of lighting, audio and networking to bring the creative vision of agency Invisible North to life.

Chandler's role as the Lighting Designer involved working closely with the agency to transform their renderings and ideas into a tangible lighting experience. Collaborating with a team of technical artists, Chandler focused on the intricate details of making the design concept a reality. From understanding the technology behind the lighting fixtures to ensuring a seamless integration of visuals and audio, his expertise was crucial in achieving the desired effect.

One of the standout features of the mostly outdoor event was the use of 168 Astera Titan Tubes, an IP-rated lighting fixture that created a dynamic and immersive experience. PRG Account Executive Peter Harrison made the recommendation to go with outdoor rated fixtures, which paid off as the load in for the event was quite rainy. These tubes, combined with pixel-mapped content, aimed to evoke the sensation of a racing car zooming past the attendees. The lighting design worked in harmony with the audio, creating an energetic atmosphere that captivated the senses.

“The great thing about working with PRG is that they own a good amount of gear across the board,” explained Kuo. “And effectively, you're hiring your own project manager to help resource everything, which is what Pete did for us on this job. I’ve worked with Pete before and I know that he will bring the quality of products and crew that my clients expect.”

The implementation of wireless technology, particularly Lumen Radio's Stardust, added another layer of complexity to the project. With 16 universes of wireless connectivity, Kuo and his team successfully tackled the challenge of creating a seamless network for the lighting fixtures. The wireless system proved stable with zero latency issues, and added flexibility to the placement of the fixtures, ensuring a clean and visually appealing setup.


In addition to the technical aspects, Chandler highlighted the importance of considering the emotional impact on attendees. The goal was to create an experiential environment that would evoke adrenaline and excitement, mirroring the exhilaration of a racing car. The clever use of the Astera tubes allowed for a 360-degree visual experience, immersing attendees in a world of motion and energy.

The event showcased the Aston Martin brand center and provided a platform for the public to witness the grand opening. The combination of the iconic luxury brand, a Formula 1 car display, and the mesmerizing lighting design made for an unforgettable experience. The success of the event was a testament to the collaboration between Invisible North, PRG, and the technical team involved. Their dedication and expertise transformed the renderings into a tangible reality, highlighting the meticulous planning and execution required for such a high-profile event.