Hologram Magic: Behind the Scenes of Nat Geo’s Spectacular NYFW Event

Virtual Production

As the curtains rose on New York Fashion Week, Pop’N Creative unveiled a mesmerizing spectacle for the Season 2 premiere event of National Geographic’s acclaimed series "Queens." The series, delving into the fascinating realm of matriarchy within the animal kingdom and narrated by the iconic Angela Bassett, received an extraordinary treatment courtesy of Pop’N Creative's visionary team. Their collaboration with PRG brought to life an innovative concept: life-size, three-dimensional holograms of animals seamlessly integrated into the runway.

PRG embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Collaborating closely with the show's directors of photography and choreographers, PRG's team ensured that the animal holograms captivated the audience with flawless execution and lifelike movements. From concept to realization, the journey was documented in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, offering a glimpse into the magic that unfolded.

Lori Hall, Co-Founder of Pop’N Creative, commended PRG’s partnership on the project. "What made PRG the best technical partner was really the fact that they came to us with such expertise and knowledge that my entire team, after one call, felt like they knew more about the hologram technology than anyone else we had talked to," she remarked. Hall emphasized the exceptional dedication of the PRG team, praising their commitment to excellence. "Their obsessiveness with creating such a quality product and their amazing ability to make us feel so comfortable with what they’re doing and all the technology they’re using has just made them the best for me," she added.


The collaboration between Pop’N Creative and PRG not only showcased groundbreaking innovation but also highlighted the power of female leadership in the live events industry. With a team composed predominantly of women, both companies shattered stereotypes and reaffirmed the importance of diversity and inclusion in creative endeavors.

As the production world continues to push boundaries, Pop’N Creative and PRG's collaboration stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of blending technology, storytelling, and imagination. Watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how we brought "Queens" to life.