PRG Provides 360° Solutions for UniVisionarios 2022


PRG proudly contributed lighting, rigging and LED for first edition of UniVisionarios, which aired live on Thursday, September 22, 2022 on Univision. The lighting design by Rene Garcia featured more than 280 fixtures including Chroma Q Color Forces, Robe 600s and 1200s, and Vari-Lite VL2600s. The set design by Jorge Dominguez centered around a 40’W x 29’H LED wall comprised of 325 tiles, weighing in at nearly 10,000 lbs.

“We chose the Robe 1200 washes for their robust and powerful washes of color on the audience floor, while the GLP X bar 20’s were lined out the downstage edges and band risers to create camera eyecandy with their pixelization capabilities and movement,” explained Garcia.

Garcia noted that the Ground Control Follow Spot System and Robe BMFL Profile spots were used to get around restricted house follow spot angles for the camera shots on stage. PRG Icon® Edge fixtures were selected for their color mixing capabilities and as an all around hybrid unit with strong beams, while the GLP JDC 1’s were used for their very attractive pixel mapping and strobe features.

The stage design was minimalist in nature, based around a large central screen that showcased the work and contributions of those being honored that evening. The arrangement of the LEDs created an implied proscenium, framing a 30 piece orchestra with LED fascias for the music stands.

“Maximizing the venue's space, stage entrances were incorporated on both sides that resembled tunnels assembled with HD blades and additional LEDs. This provided a unique entry point for the evening's host, and presenters,” explained Dominguez. “The outside of the stage was bordered with walls of lights against an LED stardrop that complimented the venue's existing ceiling stardrop.”

Appropriately airing during Hispanic Heritage month, UniVisionarios is a Univision Noticias initiative that celebrates Hispanic community leaders in the United States and their contributions to the community. The ceremony creates conversation around scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, and advocates, and how they play a vital role in the Hispanic cultural landscape.
See the full equipment list below.

Production Manager: Tony Parodi
Univision Production Designer: Jorge Dominguez
Univision Content Creator: Alfredo Vega
Univision Content Animator: Claudio Jeno
Lighting Designer/Director: Rene Garcia
Lighting Programmer: Scott O’Connor
Lighting Lead: Robin Downes
Lighting Techs: Jim Barnum, Matt Levine and Nate Plotsky
LED Project Manager: Luke Lewis
LED Crew Chief: Colton Carroll
LED Lead/TPM: Josh Marrano
LED Tech: Ray Wszolek
C2W Head Rigger: Carsten Weiss
C2W Show Riggers: Joel Olbeira, John Vidal
DAR House Rigger: Vincent Lamendola
PRG Account Executive: Anthony “Looch” Ciampa
PRG Project Manager: Manny Loayza
PRG Lighting PM: Scott Reiter
PRG Rigging PM : Eric Chabira

Lighting Gear
16x PRG Icon Edge
32x Var-Lite VL2600 Profile
19x Clay Paky Scenius Unico
35x Robe 1200 LED Wash
38x Robe 600 LED Wash
22x GLP Impression X4 Bar20
27x Solaris Flare Strobe
8x GLP JDC1 Strobe
100x Chroma Q Color Force 48
2x Robert Juliat Dalis 860
4x Robe BMFL Ground Control Spot
2x GrandMa3 Full Console

Video Gear
373) ROE BP3 Tiles
148) ROE CB5 600x1200 Tiles
8) ROE CB5 600x600 Tiles
56) Revolution Blade HD
28) Revolution Blade Mini
2) Brompton SX-40 LED Processors
2) Brompton M2HD LED Processors
2) Colorlight Z6 Processor