The Blaze at the Novo

Tour Manager Robin Genetier shares his number one tip for staying healthy on the road.


Technical Project Manager Monica Vandehei and Tour Manager Robin Genetier / Photos by Joey Pucino

Check out these photos from PRG’s work with French electronic duo The Blaze at the Novo in Los Angeles. The band’s method involves producing sound and visuals at the same time, which creates a strong link between the music and the imagery and makes for a deeply captivating show.

“Experiencing The Blaze live is a thrill that builds as sounds expand visually and create unique twists,” said PRG’s VP of Projects Jeroen Hallaert. Jeroen has been working with Tour Manager Robin Genetier to secure the gear for the band’s US runs for about five years now.


“Robin tends to work with European bands that have a big US following,” explains Hallaert. “He is a great client, because he is so easy to work with and very good at his job. We became fast friends.”

We asked Robin what the secret to his good-natured approach is, and he said it comes down to controlling the length of his tour legs. “I spend more than 150 days per year away from home, but I never leave for more than three weeks at a time.”

These focused stints work well because they tend to sell out. Robin’s artists, which include British post-punk band IDLES, can do four sold out shows in a row and then have a day off.

“This is the secret for me,” says Robin. “To work with artists who allow me to plan tours on a more forgiving schedule. This is great for mental and physical health.”


Robin's strategic approach not only ensures packed houses but also affords him a healthier work-life balance. It's a testament to the value of pacing in the industry, allowing for both mental and physical well-being.

We champion the welfare of our crews and artists, recognizing that a thriving creative environment is essential for producing exceptional performances. Here's to more successful collaborations and uplifting experiences in the world of live entertainment.