Join us at The Music Sustainability Summit on February 5th in LA!


This is the first-ever music industry climate summit in North America, uniting industry professionals, sustainability leaders and science experts to discuss the eco issues and solutions specific to live music and touring. PRG is proud to be a founding member of the Music Sustainability Alliance, an organization that provides science-based solutions, business case analyses, best practices, and tools for operational change across the industry.

“We welcome all, the climate curious and the climate experts,” Music Sustainability Alliance co-founder and president Amy Morrison said upon the Summit’s announcement. “There will be something for everybody.”

The summit is a unique opportunity to foster communication, build community, exchange innovative ideas, and ignite transformative action. Through an array of panel discussions and interactive workshops, seasoned experts will tackle the distinct challenges faced by the various sectors, cultivate collaborative problem-solving, and uncover avenues to curb carbon emissions.

Visit the website to learn more and register for the Summit here.