PRG supports Coldplay's “Music of the Spheres” World Tour

On tour since March 2022, Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” World Tour is the band’s eighth tour in support of their ninth album of the same name. In 2019 the band committed to making their future tours as environmentally sustainable as possible and after years of development hit the road with 50% reduced direct emissions compared to their previous tour.

PRG is proud to support “Music of the Spheres” with camera, switching, video, LED, and custom-made designs by PRG Projects.

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales: John Wiseman
Managing Director, PRG Projects: Frederic Opsomer

Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Management: Arlene Moon
Management: Mandi Frost
Head of Visual Content: Sam Seager
Production Designer: Misty Buckley
Production Manager: Jake Berry
Video Designer: Leo Flint
Video Director: Ant Barrett
Screens Director: Josh Koffman

Moonrise Arch: ROE Visual CB8 LED Panels, Brompton processors
I-Mag Discs: ROE Visual CB8 LED Panels, Brompton processors
Media Servers: Disguise gx 2c
Spheres: PRG 25mm pixel pitch LED strips, NovaStar processors

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