PRG Delivers 360° Solutions for Maluma's 'Don Juan' World Tour


Latin singer-songwriter Maluma wrapped up his highly anticipated 'Don Juan' World Tour, wowing audiences across 31 US cities from Sacramento to Miami. Renowned for infusing his work with personal meaning, Maluma's stage name pays homage to his family, with each album representing a different character. His latest persona, 'Don Juan,' embodies a more sophisticated alter ego that was reflected in the stage lighting and visuals of the tour. From hits like 'COCO LOCO' to ‘Según Quién,' Maluma took fans on a musical journey through his evolution, blending reggaeton, pop-norteño and salsa.

PRG was instrumental in realizing Maluma's vision, providing lighting, rigging, video, automation, labor and custom scenic fabrication solutions. Production Manager and Tour Designer, Chris Gratton, highlighted PRG's unmatched capabilities and global reach as key reasons for partnering with PRG. "There’s no other company that can do all these things. PRG is truly worldwide, and the support I get is bar none, so it was easy to choose a production partner like PRG."


The tour presented unique challenges, being Maluma's most elaborate production yet. With a complex stage setup involving a vast number of rigging points and automation motors, the show was ambitious in its design. One of its standout features was the innovative use of LED. PRG’s SpaceFrames®, typically built vertically, were laid down horizontally facing the audience to form an ‘M’ shape and create a more textured visual experience. The central 'V' structure, another PRG custom solution featuring CB5 panels, added an intimate touch, moving up and down to create a closer connection with the audience.

A highlight of the tour was the incorporation of custom-built structures inspired by the movie "John Wick," adding a dynamic and visually striking element to the stage. PRG worked within a tight timeframe, designing and bringing these structures to life in a two-week period.


Watch the video for a deeper dive into the making of this electrifying tour.

Anthony “Looch” Ciampa – PRG VP Sales, Music & TV

Laura Durán - Tour Manager
Chris Gratton - Tour Designer / Production Manager
Jessica Sheehan Weaver - Production Coordinator
Maria Alejandra Baena – Administration
Nick Van Nostrand - Lighting Designer
Erik Agur - Lighting Programmer
Alejandro Robledo - Video Content Designer
Lorenza Angel - Video Content Design
César "Tes" Pimienta - Projection Content Designer / Photographer
Sebastian Vidales - Stage Manager
Ryan "Rylo" Merfy - Head Rigger
Chris Sorensen – Rigger
Camilo Mejía - Video Director
Esteban "Tosta" Gil - Lighting Board Operator
Tommy Dewitt - Automation Crew Chief / Operator
AJ Demiar - Automation Technician
Robert "Snake" Castelletti - Automation Technician
Michael Hauke - Automation Technician
Cecil Nelson - Lighting Crew Chief
Kat Bielski - Lighting Climber
Emin Hagopian - B Stage Lead / FOH Lighting Technician
David Hernandez - Lighting Technician
Jim Keegan - Lighting Dimmer Technician
Matthew Mekonen - Septron & Moving Light Technician
Jesse Silvestri - Moving Light Technician
Edwin Castaneda - Ground Control Lighting Technician
Benny Welch - Video Crew Chief
Dakota Crowder - Video Engineer
Neil Welch - LED Technician
Luke Waldron - LED Technician / Camera Operator
David "Ziggy" Zoglio - LED Technician
Jose Pacheco - LED Technician
Anthony Sandoval - LED Technician
Gabriel Varela - Video Projectionist
Josh Cole - Head Camera Operator / Camera Technician
Rob Mallin - Media Server Programmer
Ian Lede - Video Team Assistant