BAT Truss®

BAT TrussĀ® keeps a low-profile and has an open underside for pre-rigged automated fixtures of all sizes. It uses rotating spigot connections for higher load ratings and allows users to create unique configurations.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • 15” tall, with an open bottom, comes in 24-inch or 30-inch widths and multiple lengths including 8-ft and 10-ft
  • Innovative truss cart design can accommodate larger automated fixtures
  • Cart height is adjustable and carts fold flat for stacking
  • Accessories, including hinge, gate, feet, pod plate and tower, provide multiple configuration options 
  • The Hoist Pick Up Bar is a purpose-built solution for mounting a chain hoist inside of truss

In a truck, the 30-inch truss packs three wide and the 24-inch truss packs four wide. It can also be stacked and pinned together for increased safety while loading and unloading from a truck. Pre-rigged, BAT Truss can be stacked as much as three high, depending on the type of fixture.


BAT Truss Gate Datasheet

BAT Truss Hinge Datasheet

BAT Truss System Datasheet

Hoist Pick-up Bar Datasheet

CAD Drawings

BAT 96in Side View DWG

BAT Truss 120in Side View DWG

BAT Truss 24x120 Plan View 2D Block DWG

BAT Truss 24x96 Plan View 2D Block DWG

BAT Truss 30x120 Plan View 2D Block DWG

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