PRG Case Study: Chipotle All Managers Conference

When Unbridled Solutions set out to produce an unforgettable attendee experience for the Chipotle All Managers Conference at the Venetian Las Vegas, PRG was the go-to production services partner to support in the delivery of the general session. PRG’s expertise and creativity came into play as the technical engine supporting the immersive show environment for over 3,000 attendees. As the production partner, PRG’s involvement included integrated Audio, Video and Lighting systems, custom fabricated scenic, as well as the technical management and crew for the successful delivery of the show. In addition to the dynamic use of some off the shelf technology, PRG used its proprietary Best Boy® Lumineers and a custom fabricated 198 ft wide x 18 ft high projection screen to help deliver the desired live experience. In the end, it was PRG’s understanding of the experience goals and its sophisticated understanding of the technical solutions needed, that helped make a truly unforgettable experience.

Chipotle Chipotle Chipotle

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