Join our educational work program for individuals who wish to explore a career with us and develop hands-on knowledge and skill in the business of entertainment technology. In our structured-yet-flexible program, interns rotate through various functions of a particular discipline, giving them a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of the field. This is an unsurpassed opportunity to get real-world credentials and begin to develop a professional network that will last a lifetime.

About our Program

PRG internships are paid, educational work experiences for individuals who wish to explore a career with us and/or develop hands-on knowledge and skills in the business of entertainment technology. Each intern will:

  • Shadow staff engaged in our business or perform actual work in every area of your discipline.
  • Observe staff performing the business and administrative functions of our operations.
  • Directly work with shop staff, managers, show personnel and technicians.
  • Receive hands-on experience and training in the technical aspects of the selected discipline.
  • Participate in field visits to locations where we have installations such as theatre, television, casino hotels, concerts and corporate events.
  • Be given the opportunity for unique, individualized projects to further enrich the intern’s specific goals and interests.
  • Work at show site (when possible) where PRG has installations such as live television, trade shows, corporate events and film productions.

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Application Requirements

All applicants must be currently eligible to work in the country where the internship is located. For US internships, applicants must pass a drug test prior to employment. To qualify, you must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Have at least introductory knowledge, experience or background in the entertainment, events or technology industries.
  • Currently enrolled in a continuing education program in theatre, entertainment technology, a complementary field or a field relating to positions available at PRG.
  • Have completed most-recent education in the past two years.
  • Specialty internships may require additional qualifications.

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Internships Offered

My Internship Story

Michael Carbonaro, Camera Prep Intern at PRG

Michael Carbonaro Camera Prep Intern

“The amount of industry standard equipment and components and cameras right at my fingertips is invaluable to getting a head start on my career in the broadcast/film industry, Without this internship I wouldn’t be able to use some of the equipment here for many years into my career but right now I can just let my curiosity take me to whatever I want to learn and experiment with!"

Amy Ariel Product Development Intern

“An opportunity to learn and be immersed in what goes on behind the scenes to make productions tick, from large-scale networking to small-scale product development and everything in between that goes into the live entertainment experience.”

Mike Donato Scenic Technologies Intern

“[My manager] gave me a lot of opportunities to go beyond the per view of an intern. It was encouraged, not in a way where I was expected to do more, but in a way where I was allowed to learn anything I wanted to. The internship provided a lot of opportunity, but it also allowed me to make what I wanted out of it, and create my opportunities."

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