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PRG Nocturne provides video support worldwide for concert touring and live events. Backed by its fleet of state of the art broadcast SD/HD/3G flypacks, cameras, LED screens, and projectors, PRG Nocturne has supported and enhanced live shows for some of the biggest and most famous performing artists. PRG Nocturne also supplies video support for major corporate clients for product launches and special events. In addition to traditional broadcast electronics, PRG Nocturne builds and maintains its own proprietary line of 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 28mm LED video products and builds custom configurations to fulfill client requirements. PRG Nocturne also provides camera support for live broadcasts and shoots providing true broadcast solutions to worldwide clients. PRG Nocturne has won numerous awards and acquired an international reputation for excellence.


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Drake vs. Lil Wayne
Check out this PRG Luminaires packed rig designed by LD Guy Pavelo.

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