Mbox Mini

Every show, whether large or small, should be able to have the same high-quality, creative video playback and compositing. Mbox® Mini enables users to work in the same way as the other versions of Mbox and to get the same exemplary results, while keeping the expense to a minimum. Just because your budget is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t create a great show.

**NEW RELEASE - March 28, 2022 - Mbox® Mini v4.4.5**

US$899 List Price
US$300 Upgrade from existing Mbox Mini v3 license

  • 6 playback layers for 2D and 3D content, all with single-layer crossfade
  • Up to 32 outputs with a max of 6 independent output masters: levels, effect, keystone and shutter
  • Basic 3D object manipulation for creative composition
  • Flexible output resolutions (up to 3840x1200 at 60Hz) through built-in outputs, Blackmagic devices, Syphon, and NewTek NDI®
  • Total output size 4.6 million pixels, 3840 x 1200 (all outputs combined)
  • Playback of 4K+ content (still, movies, image sequences)
  • Up to 2 video inputs from Blackmagic, AVFoundation, Syphon, or NewTek NDI® sources
  • Audio playback with independent volume control on every layer
  • 3600 pixels for pixel mapping

Check out the Mbox Comparison Chart for more details on the differences between Mbox Studio, Studio+, Mini, and Designer.

Like all members of the Mbox family, Mini includes the single-layer crossfading that makes Mbox so easy to use and fast to program. Mini focuses on providing the right tools for 2D playback and compositing, in a compact footprint, for an unbeatable price. Mini easily meets the needs of smaller shows or installations that only require 2D content manipulation, and doesn’t leave out what makes Mbox great – flexibility, ease of use, and creative composition.

Mbox Mini can be licensed using either a USB license key or a soft-license. If you would like to purchase a USB license key for Mbox Mini, please contact your local PRG office. If you would like to purchase a soft-license, please use one of the purchase buttons below. 

The latest Mbox Mini software is compatible with macOS versions from 10.10 Yosemite to 12 Monterey, and with both Intel and Apple Silicon processor computers. While the software is not yet native to Apple Silicon processors, a universal version is in development. (Note: Older versions of the Mbox software are not compatible with newer versions of macOS or with Apple Silicon processor computers.)

For evaluation purposes, the Mbox Mini software will run in demo mode (with only minor limitations) until a license is purchased. We always recommend testing the software on your computer prior to purchasing, as hardware can have an impact on performance.

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For more information choose one of the resources:

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    • Mbox Mini v4.4.5 r10650

    • Mbox Mini v4.4.4 r10564

    • Mbox Mini v4.4.3 r10342

    • Mbox Mini v3.10.2 r8211

    • Mbox Dongle Drivers OS 10.13 to 12 Dec 2020

    • Mbox Dongle Drivers OS 10.12 to 10.14 Dec 2018

    • Mbox Dongle Drivers OS 10.9 to 10.11 Dec 2015

    Release Notes
    • Mbox v4.4.5 Software Release Notes

    • Mbox v3.10 Software Release Notes

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