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Indochine Tour 2022

PRG delivers Colossal Tower for the Indochine Central Tour in France

For their 40th anniversary, the French band Indochine certainly didn’t do things by halves. Originally scheduled to take place in June 2021, the 45m high tower with a diameter of 30m has been in the works for 2 years. With 6 concerts on the agenda, the Indochine Central Tour performed in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and closed with two concerts in Lille for their fans from Belgium to be able to come and sing along.

Imagined and sketched by the singer and leader of the band Nicola Sirkis himself, the design of the system presented a particular challenge. The entire rigging construction and sound system had to be invisible whilst still providing the best audio experience for the audience in the stadium. This meant that all the speakers needed to be placed inside the tower, behind the massive 360° LED wall, a groundbreaking concept in event technology.

Based on Nicola’s design, PRG France & PRG Projects worked tirelessly to make his dream a technical reality. Built in conjunction with StageCo, the tower was composed of specially manufactured Titan-X LED and PRG’s latest innovation of the SoundBlast Solution definitely is one for the books! “Nicola wanted to offer an unforgettable experience to all the fans. Building a 360° tower in the middle of the stadium with the audio and lighting inside would allow everyone to see better and be immersed in the pure musical performance and the artistic presence,” says Stéphane Desch, Director of Production. He adds, “He sent me multiple sketches of what he had imagined about two years ago and we started from that. In fact, the end result is very close to his original concept.” 

While part of the PRG team started drawing up technical plans and diagrams of the tower, PRG Projects started developing and manufacturing an LED product that would make this endeavor possible. In response to Nicola Sirkis' vision, the 360° tower would need to be fitted with a customized LED screen, specifically developed and manufactured for the Indochine Central Tour, providing a solution that integrated the entire sound system, lighting and all of the cabling within the tower behind the LED screen, to be as streamlined as imagined. 

“When we saw Nicola's first drawings, we immediately saw that there were some challenges. Firstly, we had to find a solution to place the sound behind the video screen and there was no solution to that at the time. Secondly, it was the height of the screen. The height of the screen meant that we had to create a new, very light product that had all the features of the PRG SpaceframeTM, including wind bracing, built into it,” says Frederic Opsomer, General Manager of PRG Projects. “At the same time, we needed a product with a transparency of over 70% to allow the sound to penetrate from the back of the screen into the stadium. This meant that we needed to develop a new product.”

INFiLED and PRG worked together closely to develop the TITAN-X. From the first drawing to a 1850m2 setup for the Indochine Central Tour, the collaboration and the combination of the PRGs know-how and INFILEDs agile developing capability has played a major role. R&D teams from Belgium, the UK and China worked tirelessly during more than 9 months on this project and created the ultimate, robust, mesh rental & touring solution with the foldable X-frame structure for a new level of stability. We’re delighted to have collaborated with such a long-term and strong partner like PRG on this impressive project!”, stipulates Michael Hao, CEO at INFILED.

The next challenge was to install the complete sound system behind the LED wall. This would allow for the images on the tower, fitted with 360° LED, to be enjoyed to their fullest, without any audio stacks obstructing the video content. PRG Projects carried out numerous tests with several audio manufacturers and developed the SoundBlast Solution which uses the weight of the audio as a ballast behind the LED screen to support the weight and structure of the LED installation.  

“The Titan-X and the PRG SoundBlast Solution will allow us to take a step forward in the development of large videos and video content design because being able to place the sound behind the video screen has been the dream of all designers!” adds Opsomer.

Standing at 45m tall, the Indochine Tower was fitted with 2500 m2 of Titan-X, creating a video wall that was 30m in diameter and 24m high. This gigantic construction in its whole  takes about 3 days to assemble and weighs 260 tons. The LED setup weighs 65t and takes 16h to be installed. With its 26, 542, 080 pixels (9216 x 2880) the images on the Titan-X as well as on the central screen in ROE CB5 below, were processed by 7 disguise GX2 servers.

PRG's Technical Director, Romuald Beaufour, who drew up the plans and initial diagrams of the tower comments: "The installation of our Titan-X in stadiums was sometimes complex because the tower protruded from certain stadiums (in height) which posed problems for the municipalities. In order to comply with the relevant legislations, the tower had to withstand a 72km/h wind speed for 3 seconds.”

The lighting kit was made of 1360 lighting fixtures, including LED Striplights and Floods, MAC Viper Wash, Movinghead Impressions X4, LITECRAFT OutLED, ELATION Proteus Smarty Hybrid IP65, and last but not least, 8 PRG GroundControl Longthrow Followspots.

Lighting Designer Jean Christophe Aubrée describes: “There were a lot of challenges in terms of lighting, which is mainly due to the 360° configuration of the tower. The idea was to be able to create some volume in all of this and to use the surfaces, the seats, and the structures of the stadium a little differently. We positioned lighting all directions, from both inside and outside of the tower. We also had to carefully consider the size and weight of our fixtures, since they all had to fit into the tower. Working with a 3D model allowed us to visualise the project more effectively, since sometimes you tend to lose the feeling of distance and dimensions a little.”  

In total, 250 technicians were mobilised for the entire Indochine tour and more than 950 shift workers were hired. The PRG touring crew represented 9 different nationalities. “Whether it was PRG Belgium, PRG Projects or PRG France: everyone got involved in this beautiful project. Everyone did a great job. We brought people together from all over the world to grow this team for the tour. It was wonderful to see the synergies and sharing of know-how. But the success of this adventure is also a choice of companies with whom we collaborated. Everyone contributed to this. Whether it's StageCo for the structure or MPM for the sound, this all is a big part of the success of the adventure!” finalizes Laurent Boillot, Production Director, PRG France.

During the concert on June 25, 2022 at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon, 22 digital cameras recorded the show, allowing Indochine to offer a retransmission of the concert from November 24th, 2022 in IMAX cinemas, the world's first live concert filmed in its entirety for IMAX.


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The Bridge UK Rehearsal Studio – Produce. Rehearse. Go Live.

The Bridge: PRGs new multi-purpose rehearsal space and studio in the heart of the UK

Produce. Rehearse. Go Live.

The Bridge is an exciting and unique addition to the PRG UK network, opening a hub for productions of all sizes in the heart of the country. The space has been designed to be completely flexible and has the power to support whatever your production needs. Located just next door to the PRG UK headquarters in Longbridge, the space richly benefits from a direct link to PRGs wealth of equipment and expertise onsite. From truck splits and prep to full studio productions and pre-production rehearsals, The Bridge can deliver.

Production teams have complete privacy at The Bridge, with access to the space and the resources to run their projects through from planning to show day.

Backstage, it offers a spacious 170sqm office space including: a modern kitchen, showers, accessible bathrooms, bright and comfortable green room and artist dressing rooms, plus spacious production offices, a board room and a gallery viewing space.

Downstairs, The Bridge is home to a 17m x 35m clear floor production area with a minimum 6.2m height clearance. Wall and ceiling drapes line the space and spray insulation has been provided to ensure heating and soundproofing. The space includes a 400A 3 Phase Powerlock, dedicated highspeed production internet, 24hr secure access, and parking for cars, tour buses and trailers. 

“With the introduction of The Bridge to our Longbridge location, we are harnessing the power, space, technical capability, and world-class experience of our business and people. It really is a flexible space that offers solutions for live event productions.” Yvonne Donnelly Smith, Sales Director – Music, PRG UK.

To see how The Bridge can help your production, contact the team at

Download our OnePager here.


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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

PRG UK supports The Mary Stevens Hospice in annual pantomime fundraiser

The team at PRG UK are delighted to back supporting a beloved local charity this month – The Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge.

The Mary Stevens Hospice, who have been offering their patients the opportunity to enjoy their lives to the fullest for over 30 years, are putting on their annual Pantomime at Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre. This year’s show, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, takes place over February half term and stars Stevi Ritchie, Bradley Hunt, and an onscreen performance by Beverley Knight as the Magic Mirror.

PRG have supported The Mary Stevens Hospice Pantomime Company for the last 2 years and this year are providing a full lighting package for this year’s show, including Design, Operation, Equipment and crew.

“Working with The Mary Stephens Hospice on their shows is always a good laugh,” says Project Lead Alec Corbett. “It’s nice to see so many friends from local armature dramatic societies who dedicate their time to this charity. COVID put a stop to the many fundraising activities the hospice relies on so it’s exciting to be back supporting them again. Every individual involved should be immensely proud of what they have achieved for such an amazing charity.”

On the ongoing supportive relationship between PRG and The Mary Stevens Hospice, Amanda Bowen, Producer and Head of Fundraising and Lottery at The Mary Stevens Hospice said, "We are extremely grateful to PRG for supporting our fundraising Pantomime once again and for the value it brings to the performance and the sustainability of the hospice.  Not only will the fabulous lighting effects wow our audiences, but it will also ensure they will want to return year after year, which will in turn ensure our community has access to the best care should ever they need it.

A baddies appearance, Snow White's solo and the entrance of the pint-sized seven dwarves, just would not be the same without the drama, fun and expectation fantastic stage lighting can bring. As you see, your generosity, time, vision, and expertise, all given to the hospice free of charge, really will make a difference to the lives of our patients, their families and our community, both now and in the future."

We are proud to be back on stage with The Mary Stevens Hospice Pantomime Company and are thrilled to see yet another charming production come to life all in aid of such an excellent and important cause.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs runs at the Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre from 16th – 23rd February 2022. For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit The Mary Stevens Hospice website

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MDL Beast 2021


After an impressive debut in 2019, EDM fans have waited with bated breath for the return of MDLBEAST Soundstorm – the world’s largest (and loudest) festival. The wait was certainly worthwhile, and Soundstorm 2021 roared back into the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh with an even grander and extraordinary second edition. The line-up across the four-day festival featured the biggest names in dance music, including: Martin Garrix, David Guetta, DJ Snake and Tiësto, as well as 11 of the Arab world’s biggest stars, from Nancy Ajram and Elissa to Tamer Hosny and Amr Diab. These performers and over 700,000 fans partied across eight stages, including the behemoth main stage “Big Beast” which stood at 250m wide and 42m tall – one of the world’s tallest and largest stages! PRG were on hand yet again to provide 360° technical support for Big Beast, as well as site-wide EVAC PA and lighting activations for one of the site’s “VIB” entrance gates and projection mapping of the MDL Town Sculpture.

This epic vision for the main stage was a huge undertaking for the PRG team. PRG supplied gear from its newly established Riyadh warehouse, and this was then supplemented by various European depots. Over the course of our 7 months of continuous prep and planning and almost 3 months of set up on site, we delivered nearly 600 tons of technology; including the stage’s entire video, lighting, audio, comms and rigging package.

The record-breaking, continuous screen comprised of over 4,000 sqm of LED, and around 70 million pixels. For the screen’s centre, PRG supplied 2,200sqm of its brand-new Titan-X panels which were developed by PRG and Infiled this was supplemented with ROE MC-7H for the mid wing sections, plus ROE CB5 for the DJ Riser. To cater to the mass of stock, weight, power and pixel considerations that come with such a large single screen project, PRG designed a comprehensive control system, delivering a large yet flexible sync network solution for all artists.

For lighting, the main stage rig included over 1,000 fixtures, with 130 Universes of DMX, 6 x 400A Supplies and 26 km of cable. Fixtures included GLP X Bars, JDC1’s, Robe Pointe, Hybrid fixtures, and LED Bars. For audio, PRG supplied and distributed L-Acoustics K1, K2 and KS28 systems across the main stage and the delay towers which ran using L-Acoustics LA12X controllers and were monitored using P1 processors. Carrying it all were PRGs master riggers with a truss 3.3km long, and 410 hoists.

“The great thing about working with the 360° from PRG is that each department can draw upon its own wealth of expertise and resources, and each team comes together to deliver one exceptional event. This is a bespoke project, and so PRG built a bespoke team. Such a vast production really needed the internal workings and conversations between all our expert technicians to flexibly develop solutions smoothly. From a production point of view, this certainly makes things a lot easier and has definitely been appreciated on this show.”  Yvonne Donnelly Smith, UK Sales Director Music.


PRG Middle Beast Team 2021

To match and deliver the increased scale of the 2021 festival, PRG mobilised its global workforce. Working over 3000 man days, 130 members of PRG crew headed to the event site from our offices in Riyadh, UK, Dubai, Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

“What I see we are doing here is we're at the very forefront of the formation of the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia. We've insisted that our vendors have a Saudi Arabian presence because we can't continue to support events unsustainably. We have to get going here and everyone has shown a willingness to do this and PRG have now moved into Saudi Arabia.” – Michael Jobson, Executive Director – Events, MDLBEAST.

In the spirit of the Saudi 2030 vision, this focus on supporting the region and its wealth of talent is certainly shared by PRG. Thanks to our newly launched Riyadh office and warehouse, PRG now has a pool of regional assets and resources for future events. After proudly supporting the Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix in Jeddah and Soundstorm 2021 for MDLBEAST, PRG has established a regional depot which already houses a great selection of assets, building a foothold for accessible equipment in Saudi Arabia to deliver exceptional events in the future.

“Part of our drive within Saudi Arabia will be to make sure that we are enabling and empowering and recruiting local Saudi resources and training them to ensure that they develop the skills to help deliver the events of scale that we put on. And that's one of the key drivers where we've been aiming our expansion within Saudi over the last three years.” Bruce MacLean, Manging Director PRG Middle East.

PRG would like to congratulate and thank MDL BEAST, Production Glue and Silent House for this outstanding second edition of the festival and give special thanks to our incomparable global PRG team for their incredible work.

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

PRG UK brings Paris to London for Moulin Rouge! The Musical

After a glittering opening on Broadway, picking up 10 Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Lighting Design along the way, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is finally bringing Paris to the West End. The show, inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s hit film, is set in the world-famous cabaret club in the heart of Paris’s night life district and has transformed the Piccadilly Theatre into a lavish spectacle.

PRG first supported the musical on Broadway, where PRG North America played a large part in building the now iconic set by crafting the 15-foot FOH elephant and Moulin Rouge neon sign, creating all scenic drops, providing the 30’x14’ rotating platform for Satine’s dressing room, and providing the Stage Command system for all automation control. Now, the show goes on for PRG as our UK team have worked closely with Lighting Designer Justin Townsend and UK Associate Lighting Designer Chris Hirst to deliver all lighting for its West End debut, all installed by Production Electrician Fraser Hall and his team.

“This is our third production of Moulin Rouge! The Musical working with PRG.  Only PRG can provide the worldwide service and support in such a chaotic moment as we come out of lockdown,” Lighting Designer Justin Townsend said, “Peter Marshall (Sales Director, Theatre) has worked as a collaborator making this hugely complex musical fit into the Piccadilly Theatre and the budget.  I’m grateful to work with and know another strong department of PRG.”

The Moulin Rouge! The Musical rig is one of the largest PRG UK has ever supplied to the theatre market. In total, PRG has supplied a massive 25 tons of lighting fixtures for the West End rig, including over 200 moving lights, and more than 350 LED instruments all controlled from an ETC EOS network programmed by Daniel Haggerty. The rig is largely made up of Mac Viper Performances and wash lights plus GLP X4L wash fixtures with Ayrton Magic Dots and Clay Paky Sharpy washes, as well as Lycian 1295 ELT follow spots.

Our fixtures are even transporting the “Spectacular, Spectacular” into the audience itself. Moulin Rouge! The Musical, creates a singularly immersive musical experience, transporting its audience to the iconic Parisian nightclub. To achieve this effect, PRG were tasked with supplying an “auditorium rig”, which included various LED pars and battens to light the entire auditorium and create a theatre within a theatre.

On this monumental project for the UK Theatre Team, Peter Marshal said: “This is the largest rig I’ve ever supplied to a West End production and it was a pleasure to work with Lighting Designer, Justin Townsend, Chris Hirst along with Fraser Hall and the team, and I must also mention our Project Planner for this show Jason Hodgetts, who’s contribution was invaluable.”

Special thanks to PRG Sales Director, Theatre Peter Marshall, Executive Producer Patrick Murphy (Global Creatures), Lighting Designer Justin Townsend, US Associate Lighting Designer Nick Solyom, UK Associate Lighting Designer Chris Hirst, Production Manager Matt Towell and Production Electrician Fraser Hall.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical started it’s run at the Piccadilly Theatre London on 12 November.

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PRG Switzerland becomes PRG Gear

PRG Switzerland becomes PRG Gear

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for our subsidiary in Zurich!
As the leading dry hire company in Switzerland continues to position itself, PRG Switzerland will go forward as PRG Gear and broaden its reach beyond the swiss borders in the European space. With this move, PRG brings its’ dry rental sources under one single brand with the focus of being the leading source of equipment rental for the production community.

PRG Gear’s office in Zurich is ideally located since it is right in the heart of Europe and can easily offer professional services going beyond. Within 24 hours PRG Gear will be able to serve a radius of 600 km straight from its 7'500 m2 warehouse, which is amongst the largest equipment inventories for all types of production disciplines in the event industry. Working with PRG Gear means having access to leading edge technology and ever evolving gear in Audio, Video Lighting, LED, Cameras, Rigging, Media Servers, Fiber and more.

“Not only will former PRG Switzerland clients be able to rent equipment from PRG Gear in Zurich, they will also be able to count on a widened offer of support solutions for their productions. With the ever-shortening installation and dismantling schedules on-site, we want to include mobile and efficient solutions in our strategic offerings in the future.” says Martin Fischer, General Manager PRG Gear Zurich. “We will also be offering an additional space in our warehouse facilities for our clients to optimize time and prepping of their projects on-site.”

Working in close conjunction with Martin Fischer, General Manager of our Zurich subsidiary, Niklas Bohr will be the new Head of Business Development at PRG Gear in Switzerland. With his many years of experience, Niklas will focus on Austria, France and Italy and address new customers in Europe.

“The moment us right for us to strengthen our brand and move forward as one PRG. We already have 15 well established PRG Gear affiliates in the United States that focus on our dry-rental business. It is only natural to unify the subrental brand globally.” stipulates Stephan Paridaen, CEO PRG, “Whilst the events sector is still reeling from the corona pandemic, we want to make sure that we are ready for the industry to kick off again stronger than ever and face the, what we all hope to be, a roaring 2022 and most of all, serve our clients at our best.”

PRG Gear Switzerland has 14 years of experience in the dry hire business and tries to offer its customers the best solutions. No production is too small or too big.

Media Contact:
Valerie Cuno /

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PRG Logo

PRG Names Stephan Paridaen CEO

Founder, Chairman & CEO Jere Harris to take on new role of Executive Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

NEW YORK – Nov. 17, 2021 – PRG, the world’s leading provider of production solutions for entertainment and live events, has named Stephan Paridaen as CEO, effective Jan. 3, 2022. Paridaen currently holds the role of President & COO at PRG, leading its operations in EMEA & APAC since 2010. Simultaneously, Jeremiah J. (Jere) Harris will become the company’s Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. 

“There’s no one better prepared and able to lead the company than Stephan Paridaen,” Harris said. “Since arriving at PRG 12 years ago, he has demonstrated an exceptional passion for our mission and has focused on the continual growth of our business in the EMEA and APAC regions, while improving our operations and expanding our offerings.” 

As Executive Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Harris will work with and support Paridaen and the leadership team on continued excellence in areas that established the company in the first place and define its legacy: customer experience, technology and the mentoring and development of the best industry talent.

Harris felt that the timing was right for the CEO transition. He said, “We are at an inflection point for the company, the industry and indeed the world. After leading the company through the most difficult period in our history, we are now on solid footing. There is still much work to do, and I am confident in Stephan’s ability to realize the tremendous opportunity ahead.”

Speaking on behalf of the PRG Board of Directors, Lauren Krueger, Managing Director, KKR, said, “We thank Jere for his exceptional leadership of PRG and look forward to his contributions as Executive Chairman & Chief Creative Officer. We are confident that Stephan brings the strategic vision and operational focus needed to accelerate growth and profitability at PRG.”

Paridaen has led PRG’s growth in the EMEA region, establishing the company as a major presence on the entertainment and event production landscape there. Recent achievements include the development of new markets, such as esports; a network of digital and virtual production facilities across EMEA and APAC; and a significant expansion in the Middle East, a region actively positioning itself as a destination for entertainment and sports. 

Before arriving at PRG, Paridaen was President, Media & Entertainment at the leading visual technology & systems provider Barco. While there, he played a transformative role in the converging technologies of video and lighting, the digitization of cinema theatres and LED display innovation.

Paridaen said, “It is a true honor to lead a company as rich in legacy and innovation as PRG. Jere Harris was among the first to see the tremendous power of technology to transform how audiences engage with music, TV and film, theatre, corporate events and more, and his founding mission now has greater relevance than ever. PRG is uniquely positioned for growth with its industry-leading team of people and global resources.”

Harris is a legendary figure in entertainment and event production. He began his career on Broadway as a carpenter’s apprentice and has since earned a Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Award, four Tony Awards, multiple Drama Desk Awards, an Olivier Award, and an Emmy Award for engineering. PRG, the company he founded in 1995, has grown into a global presence with 62 offices in 28 countries and an unsurpassed diversity of technologies and skillsets. In addition, it holds over 250 patents and trademarks and is responsible for innovation that has reshaped production practice in theatre, concert touring, TV, and film and more.


Media Contacts:
EMEA/ APAC Valérie Cuno / 
US Lori O’Briant /, 469-487-6652



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PRG delivers the ICON® Stage and Best Boy® for the world-premiere of What’s New Pussycat?

After a thrilling summer of shows returning in London and beyond, PRG UK are delighted to be back on stage in our hometown of Birmingham! What’s New Pussycat? is a new musical written by the Tony Award winning Joe DiPietro (Memphis The Musical), with a stellar creative team including director Luke Sheppard and legendary choreographer Dame Arlene Phillips.

Inspired by Henry Fielding’s 1749 novel The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, What’s New Pussycat? is set to the soundtrack of Sir Tom Jones’ greatest hit songs, offering a romantic musical comedy that reimagines Fielding’s classic tale in London’s swinging sixties.

As the only producing house in the second city, it is a privilege to be working alongside the team at Birmingham Repertory Theatre once again. Over the last 50 years, it’s has been home to countless iconic shows, many of which PRG has supported with lighting. It is fantastic to see another colourful, feel-good world-premiere gracing the stage of this beloved institution.

On his decision to bring PRG onboard for this production, production manager Simon Marlow said: “PRG are one of our go-to companies as over our many years working together we have come to expect excellent service on shows of all scales. As a production manager, PRG tick my two main boxes: they always make our designs work within budget, and they make my designers and electricians very happy!”

Working closely with lighting designer Howard Hudson and head of lighting at The Rep Alex Bosworth, PRG have provided several of our proprietary products to supplement the in-house equipment at the REP - including 37 Active ICON® Stage fixtures and our PRG Best Boy® HP follow spots.

On his collaboration with PRG on this project, Howard Hudson said: “Having previously used the PRG ICON® Stage and being very impressed by it, I knew that this was a fixture I’d like to return to and would sit very well alongside the rest of the rig. We also turned to PRG to provide a follow spot option. With space very limited, we needed a fixture which would have the necessary punch for a bright musical but would also fit within the space available. Account manager Ian Phillips suggested and demoed the Bad Boy® and Best Boy® 4000 HP range with the manually operated follow spot adaptor module. Alongside seeing the brightness and differences between both units, Alex Bosworth and I were able to better understand the follow spot adaptors which are a seriously impressive piece of kit - very responsive and easy to use. We settled on the Best Boy® option mainly for their size and the three units have fitted perfectly into the show. It was a pleasure to work alongside Ian and his team and it’s great to continue the long relationship PRG have had with the Rep over the years.”

After a quiet two years in theatreland, What’s New Pussycat? delivers a sorely needed splash of colour back to the stage; combining a legendary story, a legendary songbook and a legendary theatre!

A special thanks to Simon Marlow, Howard Hudson, Alex Bosworth and PRG Account Manager Ian Phillips.

What’s New Pussycat? plays at Birmingham Repertory Theatre until November 14th.

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EXPO 2020 UK Pavillion

PRG delivers customized LED tiles to power the evermoving poem of the UK Pavilion

Expo 2020 Dubai, the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East region, officially opened its doors to visitors on October 1st showcasing architectural wonders and technology innovations from more than 192 countries.
UK’s contribution to Expo 2020 Dubai is the mesmerizing cone-shaped UK Pavilion with a circular façade which was created by world-renowned designer Es Devlin. The 25-meter-high LED façade which is integrated into the wooden sculpture is designed to celebrate global cultural diversity and collaboration. The UK Pavilion uses an advanced AI learning algorithm developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture which allows visitors to add their word to a continuously changing Collective Message from humanity to the universe displayed on the LED modules.

PRG was appointed by Pico to deliver the engineering of the 2,000 customized LED tiles through our PRG Projects team, sourcing the bespoke LED technology via PRG China as well as the custom designed immersive audio system, designed by Polyphonia. The technology package was then installed by PRG in Dubai.

“This is one of the most remarkable projects that I have been involved with in my whole career,” says Frederic Opsomer, General Manager PRG Projects, “I have known Es for many years, and we have collaborated on several projects together. She is an amazing Designer, and I must say that this project reinforces her already stellar reputation. This breath-taking design of evermoving poetry, displayed digitally and integrated to illuminate the façade of the UK Pavilion was a beautiful challenge for us at PRG, and we are very proud to collaborate with her on this journey of innovation.”

This message of collaboration and international openness is reflected in the delivery of the project. The UK Pavilion is a truly global collaboration; designed in close partnership with Avantgarde, supported by structural engineer Atelier One and supported and executed by Pico International, delivered by our experts from across the PRG global network and finally executed on site by our dedicated PRG Dubai team.

Gavin Short, Senior Technical Project Manager for PRG in Dubai, said: “The UK Pavilion is an exceptional and unmissable part of the overall Expo experience, located in the Opportunity District and is clearly a space that will inspire visitors to the site.”

Expo 2020 is expected to attract 25 million visits, of which 70% are expected to be international visitors.

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PRG has the time of their lives with MAMMA MIA! UNDER THE STARS

MAMMA MIA! has enjoyed an almost constant West End run for 21 years and has had numerous international tours. To date, the sensational feel-good musical has been seen by over 65 million people in fifty productions in sixteen different languages. Needless to say, it is now a firm and beloved fixture of the British - and indeed global - theatre world. 

PRG are honoured to have supported the international tour of the ABBA-inspired musical for over 17 years, supplying lighting and trussing packages in the UK and internationally. We were delighted to join the MAMMA MIA! team on their open-air debut, MAMMA MIA! UNDER THE STARS Taking place in the beautiful grounds of Harewood House, the show was a pilot for a series of open-air experiences, bringing the now iconic Greek island romance to the English countryside.

PRG worked closely with the show’s team to translate the show to its new surroundings. The combined package of lighting and video captured the original vibrancy of the stage show while complimenting the exposed elements of the venue and delivered additional video and camera support for its 1400 strong socially distanced audiences. 

After 17 years supporting the show, it was a joy to load out the bespoke MAMMA MIA! International tour rig once again for this special season at the main stage at Harewood House. The rig included custom white Icon Stages and GLP X4L fixtures amongst the rest of the lighting system. Due to the lack of Front of House in the grounds, this was supplemented with additional fixtures plus an audience lighting system, all designed by Associate Lighting Designer, Andrew Voller. The rig was installed under the supervision of Production Electrician, Martin Chisnall and the show was operated by the touring Chief Electrician, Freddie Marlow.

For the show’s video, PRG delivered two 7.8m x 4.2m IMAG LED screens which sat either side of the stage using ROE Visuals Magic Cube MC-7H panels. PRG also suppled a camera system for the show’s run; including a Blackmagic ATEM switcher, three Sony HXC-100s, three Conon 86X Long Lens and three Gnat minicams. Offering audience members an intimate experience of the performances regardless of where they sat in the grounds.

On this this special season with the show, Theatre Sales Director Peter Marshall said, “It was great to work with Producer Nick Grace and the team once again, we were involved with the original production lit by Howard Harrison and many subsequent versions and it was especially exciting to work with this new format of this epic show.”

Ahead of the limited run, Judy Craymer, Creator and Producer of MAMMA MIA!, said: ‘‘It’s going to be wonderful to experience the original musical literally under the stars in the beautiful grounds of Harewood House. MAMMA MIA! lends itself perfectly to the outdoors and what better way to leave lockdown than to be transported to our sunny Greek idyll.”

MAMMA MIA! UNDER THE STARS was a delightful and welcome return to live theatre after over a year’s absence. Having brought the much-loved modern classic to theatre starved fans in a safe and stunning outdoor setting, this season promises a new and exciting addition to the world of MAMMA MIA!

PRG would like to give special thanks to: Associate Producers & General Managers Nick Grace Management, Production Manager Matt Towell, Lighting Supervisor Martin Chisnall, Lighting Designer Howard Harrison, Associate Lighting Designer Andrew Voller, Chief Electrician Freddie Marlow, Lead LED Technician Stevie Marr, Video Engineer Jordon McMahon and Video Director Jon Shrimpton.

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PRG back at Westend as technical service provider at the revival of THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT

PRG supplies 70+ icon stage fixtures to light the way for joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat’s revival at the london palladium

There are a lot of iconic shows returning to the London this summer, perhaps none more so than Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biblical classic: Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Following a wildly popular sold-out season in 2019, the new smash-hit production, starring Jason Donovan and Alexandra Burke, returns to the Palladium for a strictly limited season this summer.

After providing the rig for the 2019 run, PRG are delighted to be working alongside Michael Harrison Entertainment as well as Lighting Designer Ben Cracknell and his team to provide the lighting for the revival of this beloved family musical.

This vibrant production features many of PRG’s proprietary fixtures. This includes two PRG Best Boy HP follow spots used with manual control to track the actors while they move around on the stage. The production also uses a total of 71 PRG ICON Stage fixtures, providing numerous sustainable options for the design of the show, including reliable LED power, several GOBO loading options and low running costs, emissions and maintenance.

On his experience working with PRG once again on Joseph, Lighting Designer Ben Cracknell said, “It’s wonderful to be back at The London Palladium working alongside Pete Marshall, Jon Cadbury and the PRG team. The show is back and bigger than ever in no small part due to the quality of equipment and support we’ve received from PRG from prep right through to opening night.”

Special thanks to Producers Michael Harrison Entertainment, General Manager Jake Hine, Production Manager Simon Gooding, Production Electrician Chris Vaughan, Associate Lighting Designer & Programmer Sarah Brown, and Lighting Designer Ben Cracknell and his entire team.  

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at the London Palladium runs from 12 July this summer.

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PRG Digital Studio London Hybrid Investor Showcase

Tech for Net Zero - PRG Digital Studio sets the virtual stage for the Tech London Advocates Investor Showcase 3.0.

"Tech for Net Zero is one of the biggest growth opportunities for tech entrepreneurs across Europe - with a purpose to help the planet." Russ Shaw CBE, Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates.

Last month, PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor became the hybrid home of the “Investor Showcase 3.0: The Tech for Net Zero Edition”, presented by Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates. The third edition of the showcase focused on the role that tech startups and scaleups can play in creating a net zero future, and featured talks and panels with industry professionals from around the world both in studio and virtually.

PRG supported the Seven Hills team to deliver Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates a full digital studio package: including all lighting, audio, LED screen, prompt and camera equipment, routing, playback, as well as management for over 20 remote panelists and hosts and 10 live in studio panelists. The requirements of the event continued to evolve until the beginning of broadcast, and the PRG team worked closely with Seven Hills to provide the technical and staffing backbone, from show caller to director, and ultimately provided a seamless experience for the live and remote guests’ arrival through to the broadcast on YouTube and Clubhouse.

PRG Account Manager Cameron Bannister said: “The Seven Hills team were a pleasure to work with both onsite and ahead of the event and we look forward to working with them again soon.”

We would like to thank Seven Hills, Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, Here East and our venue partners at Studio Wayne McGregor for their collaboration! What an inspirational day.

Visit our microsite for all the details and info on our global network of digital studios:





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PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor


If there is one shining lesson that the events industry can take from this past year’s pandemic disruptions, it’s that dynamic, Virtual and Hybrid events are here to stay. PRG UK remains committed to its investment in its Digital Studio products, relationships and equipment and has recently moved into an exciting new partnership that offers great room for expansion.

PRG has joined forces with the Studio Wayne McGregor at Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London to bring you PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor – a flexible, COVID secure space, perfect for recording, streaming, or basing your next Virtual and Hybrid events!

Studio 3 at Studio Wayne McGregor offers a fresh and adaptable canvas, meaning that we can provide a custom approach to every project and deliver easy, efficient production at any scale, from a live-streamed corporate presentation to a dynamic music video or hybrid event.

John Montague, Director of Corporate & Events at PRG UK, said: “We’re really excited to open our partnership studio with Studio Wayne McGregor. The modern, energising space, in combination with our technology and production expertise, really does provide a digital and audience friendly studio for effective and impactful events. This new space houses one main Digital Studio with high-res LED and the latest camera technology to hand, as well as meeting rooms, breakout options, a second presentation space, and can comfortably seat fifty audience members. We believe that this really makes PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor stand out in the marketplace.”

On the opening of this collaborative Digital Studio offering, Founder of SWM, Wayne McGregor CBE said: “Partnership and innovation are central to our ethos at Studio Wayne McGregor. With PRG, a company at the forefront of interactive performance technology, we are thrilled to collaborate on this new digital studio inside our space at Here East, London. Developing a unique, creative offer where incredible talents can bring their technological projects to life is energising and we look forward to sharing a future of surprise and invention with our clients.”

We are delighted to start this new relationship with Studio Wayne McGregor at Here East and look forward to the projects to come.

Over the last year, PRG has created a worldwide network 20 of studio environments, including locations owned and operated by PRG Alliance partners. Ideally suited for the efficient, scalable production of pre-recorded and live content, each location is equipped with the most sophisticated gear and engineering to service its local market. The PRG Digital Studios can be found all over the globe, including three Virtual Production Studios in Hamburg, Los Angeles, and Paris which seamlessly combine the physical and digital worlds.

For more information about the PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor, as well as the worldwide studio network at PRG, head to our studio website:

To inquire about demo days at the PRG Digital Studio @ Studio Wayne McGregor, please email:



About Production Resource Group
PRG is the world's leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions and has the largest inventory of rental production equipment. PRG provides comprehensive and discreet services to an array of clients in the live music, TV/Film, Broadway, sports, gaming, corporate experiential, and live events markets. Clients and partners depend on PRG's innovation, experience, and depth of experience in audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, virtual production and extended reality, and scenery and automation systems to bring their stories to life. With 65 offices across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, PRG has capabilities to provide services worldwide. PRG is owned by The Jordan Company and GSO Capital Partners and PRG Management. For more information, please visit

About Studio Wayne McGregor
Studio Wayne McGregor is the creative engine for choreographer and director Wayne McGregor. It encompasses his ensemble of world-class dancers, Company Wayne McGregor; a portfolio of international commissions and artistic collaborations across genres including dance, visual arts, VR, film, theatre and opera; a highly specialized programme of creative learning for individuals and communities; artist development initiatives; and collaborative research projects across the interface of the arts with science, technology and academic research. Studio Wayne McGregor is a creative arts space for making, designed by We Not I, conveniently located in the vibrant creative and digital campus of Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - East London. Their three state-of-the-art dance studios, including two of the largest in London, as well as a series of additional spaces are available for hire for a range of purposes including dance and theatre rehearsal spaces, filming and photoshoot locations, West End productions, international product launches, conferences and other special events. For more information, please visit

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BRIT Awards 2021 Dua Lipa

PRG UK and The BRIT School team up once again for The BRIT Awards 2021

Last week, the biggest night in British music hit our screens once more. The BRIT Awards 2021 featured stunning performances, glittering stars and crucially, a limited, non-socially distanced audience as part of the UK government’s roster of pilot events. We were delighted to see the event run smoothly and our crew were proud to be part of the effort to bring the vision to reality, none more so than our three new crew members from The BRIT School’s Production Arts department as part of an ongoing work placement partnership.

PRG has a very long and prestigious relationship with The BRIT School. As the exclusive supplier of lighting to the BRIT Awards, which is held every year at the O2 arena, PRG team up with The BRIT School to offer their Production students the opportunity to join us at our UK HQ. The students get the whole crew experience right from prepping the equipment, to loading in and the run of the live event, to the loadout. This offers students experience within the real world of live events, exposing them to the endless possibilities of this sector. This is one of three similar projects that we run in addition to work experience placements and apprenticeships for post-16 students in Higher Education and Further Education.
Richard Gorrod, Vice President of Event Services at PRG UK, who worked alongside this year’s students said: “It is always great to have the students from The BRIT School on the show. We have a large amount of very experienced crew on this project. By providing a chance to work alongside them, we hope that they gain a large amount of experience and knowledge. It is nice to see them grow in knowledge and confidence throughout the week, Will, Kai and Josh were all great students willing to do anything to help. It’s a real win-win situation on both sides. Long may the relationship continue.”
This year, Kai, William and Josh join a long list of past students to work with PRG on this project. With several BRIT School alumni now working full time with PRG, this year’s students have had the opportunity to work alongside their predecessors, seeing first-hand where their careers could lead. By giving BRIT School students hands-on experience as active members of our crew, PRG offers a placement that goes beyond traditional shadowing and encourages them to challenge themselves and apply their skills to a huge live event.
Olivia Chew, Director of Production Arts at the BRIT School, commended PRG for its support of entry level education in Production, for working closely with the school to maintain clear and honest communication throughout the placements and for helping to instill confidence in their students at such an early stage in their careers.
“Our ongoing partnership with PRG provides our entry level Production Arts students with unparalleled access to the best equipment and experience available. Allowing our students to gain hands-on experience on some of the biggest live events in the world gives them an edge amongst their peers, be that in higher education or the freelance job markets. We are so grateful to PRG for supporting Production Arts at The BRIT School and ensuring that our diverse student body has the best opportunities within the events and performance industry.”

We are proud to support The BRIT School and the development of young and talented Event Technicians, giving them access first-hand to the very best technology and events in our industry. PRG would like to thank our BRIT School crew for their hard work, and we congratulate this year’s award winners and of course The BRIT Awards for yet another stunning show.

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