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PRG UK welcomed renowned futurist and author Amelia Kallman from Inition Ltd to the monthly ‘Hear Yourself Think’ talk series.

PRG UK hosted another in-depth live talk for the ‘Hear Yourself Think’ talk series by welcoming one of London’s leading futurists; Amelia Kallman from Inition Ltd. As an innovation and technology communicator, Amelia has written and consulted on many occasions about the impact of new technologies and the implications upon business and the relationship between human interaction with AR, VR, and MR. She also regularly writes and consults on the emerging risks of the realities, where she has authored a cutting-edge report for Lloyd’s of London. Amelia also specialises in 
the future of retail, AI & IoT. Not only this, but she has previously lectured at Cambridge University, written a multi-award winning book, and directed the first burlesque show in 360 film. She has continued to be an impressive influence within the digital and technology industries, where she continues to be featured in WIRED UK, IBC 365, and is the successful publisher of her own popular monthly innovation online newsletter; ‘The Big Reveal’, which commands an impressive readership.

Technology, beyond the hype

Kallman opened the talk with her take on ‘Technology Beyond The Hype’, in which she outlined how 92% of companies today are unsure about surviving the digital age as advancements within 
the technology industry or how to utilise the technology best, taking into consideration perceived best practices. This was particularly focused toward retail, finance tech, and live experiential entertainment as they all continue to move at an incredible pace, which will likely continue to 
grow and adapt to customer/client demands and trends within the next coming years.


5g, disruption, machine learning & Amelia Ai

Disruption was a key subject that has been mentioned more frequently within society, and in the media, however, Amelia’s view was that innovation from disruption, presents opportunities and that the “digital, technological revolution” is rather just evolution. An example of this is the controversy surrounding 5G and how its frequency has been questionable and how it affects nature. Technology is still very much in its infancy and that being said is often still misunderstood, with its implications subjective to an individual. However, according to Kallman, 5G will become something that will lay the foundations as a platform for future tech to use, i.e. Blockchain, new realities, and even artificial intelligence. This would be used by potentially taking all data from the cloud, which would learn and adapt from the data being processed and as a result, would encourage- something which Amelia Kallman referred to as; “Machine Learning.”


An example given of this was Amelia AI - a customer service digital artificial intelligence, installed t a Swedish bank, which can handle up to 11,000 calls. She services 66% of all calls for the bank, with an 82% success rate. Her programming follows a human train of thought, where she can distinguish human emotion and adapt accordingly. The data she can process and collect, as well 𠊊s make sense of, allows her to know when customers are repeat calls and can process repeat customer service issues and follow up accordingly. This is where 5G could pave the way for such advanced A.I. to operate more fluidly and efficiently, within the digital sphere. However, this also raises another question, will people be willing to handle artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, and deal with it in everyday life, within human spaces and social environments? Will the 5G hold up to be able to support all of the data flow and will it be substantial enough to maintain all of the data streaming?


Risk, “weaponising” IOT’s and infiltrating data from points of entry

The second subject was looking at the risk of infiltrating technology from outside sources. Since using any technological device on any given data network, leaves vulnerability for the device to be hacked, as it produces an entry point. Companies still have not managed to completely overcome this issue, which has led to an oversight in introducing more technological advancements more quickly throughout the industry. Although enthusiasm has always been there, there was always that potential risk factor. With so many users connected using devices, it brings up factors of digital exposure to outsiders, who could gain very sensitive information on users. For businesses, whether it be technology developers, or those supplying the technology as a provider, it still presents an area of responsibility, and can potentially put those businesses at a disadvantaged position, if at any one point security issues are experienced – such as data infiltration, which could cause harm and damage reputations for businesses and cause clients to migrate to competitors or migrate entirely from a piece of technology, which could be a major source of revenue to organisations involved.


How immersive digital Overlays with AR and MR are making digital content much more inclusive and a shared experience within our reality

The third subject that was brought up was about how businesses were investing more in Augmented Realities and Mixed Realities to create a more inclusive experience using overlays, 
to enhance experiential events. Amelia mentioned the following: AR is the overlaying of digital imaging and video. VR completely immerses you into a unique secluded world – a “Meta verse”. MR incorporates a 360o overlay into holographic experiences within reality – which is very much more inclusive. She mentioned how MR would most likely take more of a preference in the future, with companies such as Magic Leap being the market leader for Mixed Reality. Varjo, is another company that was mentioned, who focus more on photo stereoscopic (which uses photographs to recreate an image setting, allowing a user to walk through spaces –within the photograph). The world-renowned, groundbreaking audio technology company ‘BOSE’, are a prime example adopting this ideology into their AR sunglasses, which uses Audio and augmented reality to interact with GPS. It would know where a user was going and could place a user in an immersive experiential setting, to create a digital experience.

For example, a user could potentially be in the studio with Elvis, and experience a recording session, in an experience like no other, totally inclusive yet specifically tailored to a users location and preferred topic. What was essentially developed was a unique overlay - a digital layer into life, while a user could remain in a human-orientated environment. Another way, which brings a much more personal experience, is by Microsoft’s Holo Lens.

Haptics was another concept that Kallman discussed. This new type of technology incorporates touch and feels, enhancing the interactivity of digital content. This concept would allow a user to feel shapes and objects in mid-air. It is becoming more widely introduced to experiential marketing and live events. An example of this was through digital posters for the new Pikachu – The great detective movie, which included interactive digital posters, where users could touch Pikachu and actually “feel his fur”. In addition to this, regarding VR headsets, an extra mass is now being added to create more multi-sensory feelings. This is being used to collate bio data, which measures blood pressure and heart rate, crossing over to mixed reality. This could also be used to measure adrenaline levels. for example, riding a motorcycle on a motor track through VR using haptics to make a user feel they were actually on the bike, through the feeling of the rubber overlay on the handlebars, giving a closer experience to the real thing.

With the use of VR, particularly ones that are using multi-sensors, create images, which is generated through measured brainwaves, to provide a much more personalised and individual experience for the user. The only risk from this type of immersive technology is that it could create a sense of gaming transfer phenomenon. This is basically where an individual would begin to hear and see the things they see in VR but within reality. Because the engagement with the brain is so intense, it could potentially rewire the brain and an individual’s dislocation with reality itself.

This new type of product would also allow the creation of imagery and visualisation through VR, and apply that to Mixed Reality within the real world. This crossover technology could then take the data from the digital world and then allow a user to potentially print a 3D physical model. (Think about the technology used by Tony Stark in the movie Iron Man, which allowed the digital imagery to be created and then the physical suit created from the digital blueprint holographic scans). However, the only potential disadvantage of this in its current state is that there could be an in-accuracy from the digital modelling to reality – i.e. architecture and manufacturing industries could be impacted by the inaccuracies. Over time, this would improve as the technology both hardware and software, and digital mapping of 3D imagery develops.

In conclusion, all of the above technology is inclusive and for sure is becoming integrated into our working lives, both as an aid for industry, but also as a form of entertainment and adding an extra layer to the live events industry, which only enhances the overall experience.

Experience is something that people are more willing to pay for, and it is something in which companies can truly benefit from to use to their advantage for profitable gains. Kallman stated; “even if a piece of technology sound disruptive, it doesn’t have to be”, which is true if all of the positive opportunities are recognised for these technologies. There will always be risks involved in using any new technology or device, which creates a fully immersive digital experience, however, the opportunities for financial gain, far outweigh these risks. In the future it will be second nature to use VR, AR and MR within experiential events and the scale of these technologies being adopted will only increase at a faster rate.


#SeeWhatWeCanDoTogether PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event, get in touch at 

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PRG launches a new initiative: PRG Unite.

An inspiring event designed to bring together all our regions from around the world in one location, to share and develop our unique global offering.

PRG Unite has been devised with the specific intention of gathering all of our international teams together, to discuss our global offering for the future. PRG globally is the leading technical solution provider for the event industry and is constantly looking at how to best assist our clients across the world, helping them grow and develop exciting activations. The PRG Unite event enables us to discuss future challenges and strategies while combining our resources and expertise as one team.

The event will enable each of our regions (United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, China, UAE and United States) to showcase their very best corporate projects, detailing to our clients the processes from strategic planning to event delivery, allowing our clients the unique opportunity to share our knowledge and best practice which enable us to hold such a world-renowned standing within the industry.

This insider view is sure to be a unique and inspiring insight into the future of how PRG will work with its clients on a global scale. Speaking about the upcoming PRG Unite event Richard Williams - PRG UK Chief Executive Officer commented:
“We felt this would be a fantastic opportunity for our UK customers to meet and talk directly to all our global PRG colleagues in one place. Allowing them to understand how PRG can help support and work together to provide global solutions.”

End of press release.

For more information and images please contact Aanand Ewins:

About Production Resource Group__
Production Resource Group UK Ltd.
(PRG) is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology to a wide range
of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, special events, theatre,
television and film, trade shows and installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores
and performing arts centres. PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging and scenery and automation systems, for these markets from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

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PRG provides worldwide 360° Concert Touring Services for Post Malone

Post Malone, who has captured the zeitgeist through his unique genre-blending musical style and introspective songwriting, is on a global tour. PRG is supporting the superstar worldwide by providing 360 concert touring services, including sound, video, lighting and rigging.


One PRG team

The initial contact and contract in the USA was taken care of by VER, which recently joined the PRG family. Their expertise with big productions in the USA has been indispensable for this tour. Thanks to its unique global presence and network, PRG is able to provide worldwide 360° touring services and apply the same high standards in all countries, across continents.

The crew comes from both the US and Europe and can count on local support and gear in any of the countries on the tour’s agenda.

Production Manager for Post Malone, Dennis Danneels, put it this way: “The PRG team, between Los Angeles, Vegas, Germany and the UK, were basically just taking the project and handing it off like an assembly line all the way down. We were taking advantage of all these different time zones to be able to complete this project in time. People were working right until the last minute of load-in.”

Global reach, local support

For the European part of the tour, our UK and German teams joined forces, working closely together, with UK providing video and light and Germany being responsible for the sound. Thanks to their ample experience in cross-national productions and great communication, this resulted in a seamless and smooth collaboration in which the client benefits from both the scale of PRG Group and the local presence and understanding of the market in each country the tour passes.

Stephan Paridaen, President and COO of PRG says: ‘from day one, this project has been about a collaboration to define the best, most fully integrated technical production solution that realizes the artist’s creative vision. We take that even further and service the tour globally on the ground with local, highly experienced crew and state of the art gear. It’s a service and a 360-degree solution.’

Video Crew Chief ‘Topher’ (Christopher Davidson) was delighted about the seamless support in the various countries. “One advantage of having a worldwide support system, like you have with PRG, is that I am confident that I can go anywhere on the globe and have the same caliber of people, gear, and the same support virtually 24/7 that is required in this industry.”

A new standard in large-scale concert touring

This cutting-edge approach to servicing large-scale concert tours on a global level is made possible by PRG’s unique ability to combine high standards of gear with specialists who work seamlessly together.

“There is incredible skill level with the PRG crew. The gear has been consistent day in and day out. We’ve had very, very few failures, and this is all the stuff that we ran for almost 24 hours a day for three weeks,” Danneels adds. “I’m really pleased with it from a financial stand point, it made a lot of sense, and it saved a lot of money.”

PRG wants to thank our client PostyCo and PM Dennis Danneels. We would like to extend our appreciation for our own Burton Tenenbein, responsible for the overall AE and lighting kit, Brent Dannen, who took care of the tour’s sound, and Mike Drew, supporting the tour’s video package. Also, a big thank you to the whole

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – Custom Show Solutions by PRG

This year it is in Tel Aviv that the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will choose its’ winner. And – as in many previous years– PRG will be part of it again, delivering customized show solutions for rigging and video that will ensure an efficient roll-out of the show and offer the audience an unforgettable show. 


"Florian Wieder, the set designer, created some unique elements for this year’s show", explains Ingo Rehnert (Head of Sales & Account Management Sport & Special Events PRG). On one hand there are the triangles in the ceiling of the main stage. On the other hand, we have the LED strips in the ceiling of the Green Room. The customized triangle structures, which were developed by our special construction department, integrate the VER Blades.
According to John van Look, Head Rigger Production PRG Germany, the weight distribution and static calculation, in function of the suspension capacities of the venue, was the biggest challenge, considering the amount of automation technology that needed to be integrated in the ceiling.

The main elements at the back of the stage are the rotating LED panels, which are composed of ROE CB5 and mounted on turntables with customized metal frames in which the LED panels are integrated.

Another great element for the show is the LED floor on the main stage, which consists of Black Marble 4 modules, which were integrated in the Domino developed by PRG for fast and time saving assembly.

Ola Melzig, Head of Production ESC 2019, resumes: "Our job is to highlight 41 songs and for them to be unique. There are not that many companies in the world that can deliver that amount of high-end products – and that is delivered by PRG!"

We would like to thank:
KAN – KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation
Meytal Cohen (TV Producer)
Shay Bonder (Head of Video & Technologies)
Avishay Giladie (Technical Director Show)
Tarmo Krimm (Senior Technical Director)
Johannes Schau – (Head Rigger EBU)

M&M Production Management AB
Ola Melzig (Head of Production)
Tobias Aberg (Head of Production)

Florian Wieder – Wieder Design (Set Designer)

We would also like to thank all the parties and people involved whom we had the opportunity to work with on this great production and our PRG Alliance partner Sincopa.

PRG Tech Facts


  • 450m2 ROE CB5
  • 100m2 ROE Black Marble 4 with PRG Projects Domino LED Frames (LED Floor)
  • 16 x Panasonic PT DZ-21 Projectors
  • 2.200 VER Blades - 90cm
  • 4 x Disguise d3 VX4 Media Server
  • 4 x GrandMa2

Special Construction:

  • triangle aluminum frames (250x250x250cm) for VER Blades in the main stage ceiling
  • triangle Pod for VER Blades for main stage kinetic section ceiling


  • 3.800 m truss
  • 650 hoists BGV D8 / D8+
  • 300 m horizontal live line system

340 tons of material in total
Production period: 21st March – 03rd June (almost 11 weeks)
Crew: 35 Riggers + 18 Technicians
Number of Trailers: 32 x 40" Containers

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PRG Unifies Global Research and Development Operations into PRG Innovation

EMEA – April 30, 2019 - Production Resource Group LLC (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology and solutions, announced today that it will integrate its global research and development efforts into a new operating group, PRG Innovation. PRG Innovation will encompass efforts in Belgium, China and the United States which include facilities in Dallas, New Windsor, New York and Los Angeles. By connecting its people, assets and innovation initiatives – including PRG Projects, PRG Research and Development, and VER product development initiatives – the company will maximize its technological impact on the industry.

PRG Innovation will be led by Chris Conti in his new role as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer. Conti has experience in concert tours, tradeshows, corporate events, TV shows and special events like the Olympics and Super Bowl Half-time shows. As Product Manager for PRG proprietary luminaires, he led the development of the highly successful Bad Boy® Spot and Best Boy® Spot fixtures, as well as PRG’s Emmy-award winning GroundControl™ Followspot System. Conti is listed as an inventor on 15 U.S. patents.

Additionally, Clay Powers will become Chief Operating Officer of Innovation, overseeing all financial and logistical aspects of both proprietary product development and custom show solutions. Gary Boyd, Chief Operating Officer of EMEA, will have ongoing responsibilities related to product-development operations in Europe and China. Frederic Opsomer will continue to lead the Belgian team in developing groundbreaking new technology in LED and video, and Simon Kayser will continue to lead operations in Shenzhen, China, which are instrumental in sourcing video and lighting technology. Anne Johnston, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, will collaborate with PRG Innovation on all aspects of marketing, from product ideation to roll-out.

“PRG Innovation brings all of our talent focused on product development into a single, global team, allowing us to anticipate market trends, move with agility and align product development with our larger strategic objectives,” said Jere Harris, Chairman and CEO of PRG. “I believe that our investment and performance in market-driven innovation is one of the most powerful points of difference separating our brands from the competition. Now, that advantage will become even more significant.”

In every market PRG serves from music and theatre to television, film, broadcast and corporate events, it has defined itself as the innovator in technology, responding to a client request or an industry need. With more than 170 issued patents as well as 70 trademarks, the company’s legacy of proprietary technology has opened new creative possibilities, improved safety, created cost efficiencies and reduced environmental impact. Examples of PRG’s industry-changing technology include:

  • Ground Control Followspot System: A high output followspot that can be safely operated remotely from the ground from distances up to 2,000 feet. Gives designers creative freedom to put followspots in places that were either previously unusable or involved complex rigging.
  • PRG SpaceFrame®: A touring frame design that seamlessly integrates LED panels for operational efficiencies and creative possibility. The carbon fiber frame is lightweight, collapsible and fully wind braced, allowing for a free-form approach to stage designs.
  • Pure10: A revolutionary lightweight and highly transparent touring LED screen. Printed circuit boards (PCB) are sliced in strips and turned 90 degrees with the LED mounted on the side, resulting in 75 percent transparency and allowing artists to interact with video content in real time.
  • Mbox®: A family of media server products that are affordable and easy to use. Mbox software offers powerful and flexible control of video content by working seamlessly with media playback, composition, effects, and transitions. The user interface provides fast and intuitive setup for outputs and content positioning.
  • Front Row Cam: A robotic, periscope solution that provides a low camera shot of the sports playing field. At just 6 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 32 inches high, this custom designed system, developed with ESPN, is equipped with a telephoto lens for use in baseball or a wide version for use in tennis and other sports.
  • PRG Stage Command® System: An automated, cue-based motion control system that gives operators the ability to execute the most complex motion control cues with accuracy, repeatability and unparalleled attention to safety. Provides seamless transitions of scenery in full view of the audience.
  • Bullet: A family of focusable, compact LED luminaires available in White Light, Daylight and UV versions. Offering high output with precise beam control, the adjustable focus mechanism requires no lens change, no tools, and is lockable for permanent installations.

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PRG sets the tone and convinces with new, high-quality audio technology

At the end of March 2019, there was a new arrival in PRG's Hamburg warehouse: state-of-the-art, high-performance and high-quality audio technology! The equipment was first used at this year's LEA Awards and went on to be used at Prolight+Sound 2019 in Frankfurt's Festhalle — and the difference could be heard! Not only did the Highlight Show impress audiences with a magnificent light show and spectacular special effects, thanks to the new technology, the sound quality was also excellent.

In the USA, PRG has been a pioneer in world concert touring for several years already, equipping large concert tours with its high-quality audio technology. It is not only the quantity and variety of the technology that is impressive, above all it is the performance! PRG in Nashville has developed a special process which is used to put the equipment through its paces before and after each use.


After every tour, the equipment is subjected to quality control checks, tested, serviced and cleaned. In the specially developed "Boom Room" the loudspeakers undergo various frequency and sound tests. These are used to ascertain that every loudspeaker corresponds to the specifications of the original manufacturer. In addition, the functionality of all cables is systematically tested by trained staff. With the help of unique, web-based software the quality control processes are standardized for each piece of equipment, so that all PRG locations across the world can have access to this data, ensuring uniformity among quality control testing. Packing is also an important issue: PRG guarantees packing and storage that is "tour-ready", since, above all for tours with changing locations, it is important that the technology is competently and protectively packed to ensure that the audio equipment can be loaded and unloaded quickly, without becoming damaged in the process.

Through all the standardized processes and checks, PRG ensures that the technology it uses functions without any problems, the sound is delivered in the best quality and an efficient workflow is made possible.

And the best part: as of now PRG can also offer the same service to its customers in Europe, the same quality standards and the same high-performance, modern audio products, which are suitable for every production size. Alongside Meyer Sound LEO and Meyer Sound LYON loudspeakers, PRG now has the LFC 1100 in its inventory. In addition, the console inventory has been expanded to include the digital SD10 and SD12 models. More equipment will follow. In addition to these new products, customers will also benefit of specialist knowledge and support.

With this know-how, the large pool of technology, knowledgeable personnel, and the specially developed processes, every concert, every tour and every event can be supported. The goal is to develop a first class touring and audio event division in Europe. With this extra division, PRG can now offer full 360-degree audio service in Europe too.

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PRG invests in Clay Paky

PRG invests in Clay Paky Scenius Unico and Scenius Profile

PRG brings fresh impetus to their moving lights range and invests in Clay Paky Scenius Unico and Scenius Profile fixtures.

Clay Paky, part of the OSRAM group, is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems. Over the course of its history the Company has been awarded a total of 45 prestige international prizes, recognitions of the innovation and quality of its products and manufacturing processes. Clay Paky's headquarters are located in central-northern Italy, in one of the nerve centers of the European industrial system.

Scenius Unico

This fixture is renowned for its multifunctionality and quality of light. It can be used as a powerful spotlight as well as a beautifully performing wash light, and therefore is a top choice for lighting designers and clients in a wide range of professional sectors of the event industry. It is a highly appealing fixture for its light quality, which has a very high CRI and 6500 K output color temperature, generating a powerful beam of concentrated light with a minimum beam angle of only 5°.

Scenius Profile

The Scenius Profile is the top of the range beam shaper. Its optical reflector was especially designed to make the beam uniform avoiding herewith the typical hotspot and its focus tracking system will concentrate the light efficiency that you wish to project, including the focus that can be set to fully automatic.
With 6 rotating gobos and 8 fixed, this CMY fixture is perfect for any set, be it theatrical, tv studios or large events.

These products are now available for our clients in our PRG equipment pool.

To round up this acquisition, Clay Paky and PRG have reached a collaboration agreement testifying the evidence of the mutual respect that binds both companies, after so many years of constant relationship articulated in different forms and having supplied PRG & VER with their fixtures and know-how.
Through this agreement, PRG will benefit of direct access to Clay Paky & ADB products, dedicated technical support and technical trainings to PRG staff to optimize lighting fixture usage, maintenance and priority spare part delivery.

Pio Nahum CEO of Clay Paky states: ‘“Our Global Account Agreement, in addition to being an opportunity to strengthen the reciprocal position on the market, where both Companies already operate globally and with success, represents a unique occasion to improve our skills and offer our customers innovative solutions with higher added value”

Gary Boyd, Executive Vice President & COO EMEA of PRG adds: ‘Clay Paky has developed professional lighting fixtures since 1976. The lighting designers were increasingly wishing for the Scenius Unico and the Scenius Profile fixtures and we are convinced that this will perfectly serve our customers’ needs and add an extra dimension into the PRG fleet!”

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Production Resource Group, L.L.C (PRG) acquires UAE-based Delta Sound, L.L.C.

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology headquartered in New York, is acquiring the Middle East division of Delta Sound, Delta Sound L.L.C. UAE, a specialist provider of live audio and event communications technology based in Dubai and operating across the Middle East. Peter McCann, CEO for PRG in the Middle East and Andy Jackson, the Managing Director of Delta Sound, jointly announced the acquisition today.

Delta Sound LLC, founded in 2006, is the leading specialist audio and communication company in the Gulf Region and will join forces with PRG’s operation in Dubai, forming a welcomed union between the two companies who have collaborated successfully for many years across a broad range of corporate, government and large-scale special events. Like PRG, Delta Sound provides technical design and technology support to both local and international production houses who benefit from the high standard of service and delivery offered.

For PRG’s worldwide clients, this acquisition means that they will have access to additional expertise and technology when working with PRG in the Middle East and beyond. They can continue to be confident in the quality of product, experience, and professionalism whilst enjoying the addition of world-class event communications through the provision of fully scalable wired and wireless solutions.

“By acquiring Delta Sound LLC, we have bolstered our existing offering for our many customers who produce events and shows internationally”, said PRG’s McCann. “I’m also delighted that this acquisition integrates comprehensive event communications into our product offering thus ensuring that we can present a truly turnkey solution to our customers and partners. With events such as Expo 2020 on the horizon these are certainly exciting opportunities for a company that can operate at scale and this acquisition demonstrates both a significant level of commitment to the region and a continued appetite for growth.”

“As Delta Sound LLC, we have worked on some of the region’s largest and highest profile productions,” commented Andy Jackson. “We have established a loyal client base that has become more appreciative of the standard of audio production and event communications being delivered today by Delta. Having worked closely with PRG for several years across many of these events, our partnership has naturally evolved into a trading relationship and today we solidify this to the benefit of both our clients and teams.” It will be business as usual and Delta Sound will retain its existing operational format and be officially titled ‘PRG deltasound” during the transition process. 

Stephan Paridaen, PRG’s Global President and Chief Operating Officer, concluded, “PRG and Delta Sound are extremely well positioned to provide a multi-disciplined, integrated solution. Making the UAE Delta Sound team part of the global PRG family will be extremely valuable to our clients and this has been our top priority from the start.”

Paul Keating, MD of Delta Sound UK commented, “Myself, Mark & Andy go back 40 years together and Andy has been involved with Delta since our humble beginnings back in 1988. He has done an amazing job in building and managing the business over the past 12 years. We have always had a very good working relationship with PRG both here in the UK and in the Middle East and this is a great fit for Delta UAE becoming part of the extended PRG family. We very much look forward to continuing this relationship together in the future.”


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PRG supplied lighting for the ENO’s 
outdoor rooftop corporate event at the London Coliseum in support of Comic Relief

PRG once again was at the forefront of outdoor corporate events, by lighting up the London Coliseum/ENO in support of Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) back on the 14th March. The lights were installed as part of a switch on, to celebrate the national charity event which took place on the rooftop showcasing an impressive, set up, one in particular to mention, was lighting up the rotating ball (the Coliseum emblem), inspired to look like a round red nose, giving the event an interesting, and quite quirky take on promoting the charitable cause. Since its formation the ENO has been instrumental in giving opportunities to entertainers and promoting entertainment around the world. It seemed fitting to do something at the London Coliseum to promote Comic Relief in a way that would make the them stand out in a positive light. PRG’s corporate division, delivered a solution to make the event a complete success.


What was supplied to light up the Coliseum for Comic Relief?

PRG used VL3500 Washes to light up the rotating ball, to make it appear as if it was a lit up red nose. SGM P5’s were used to wash the sides of the ENO tower. In addition to this, Colour Blast 12’s fixtures were used to fill in the Lion details on either side of the ENO tower.


PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event, get in touch at 

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PRG Supplied Lighting, Video, Rigging & MoveCat Motion Control for Fatboy Slim’s 
‘In The Round Show’ Arena Tour

Fatboy Slim recently launched his hugely immersive “In the Round Show Tour”, where he scheduled to play 6 cities throughout the UK! Fatboy Slim’s aim was to create the biggest dance floors turning our favourite arenas into unique nightclub experiences full of rave ushers & a live smiley face experience. 
It’s been 20 years since ‘You’ve Come A Long Way’, 17 years in fact, since he played the infamous Big Beach Brighton. The man behind the alias, Norman Cook, rose to prominence as part of The House-martins in the 1980s before, forming Beat International, finally adopting the name “Fatboy Slim” for his solo work. His debut album, ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’, was released in 1996 and was followed rapidly by 1998's ‘You've Come A Long Way Baby’, which included the major smash hits 'The Rockefeller Skank', 'Praise You', 'Gangster Tripping' and 'Right Here, Right Now'. Slim, is well known for being at the centre of spectacular live shows, innovative music videos and huge report-to-the-dance floor tunes. As a solo act, Cook has won 10 MTV Video Music Awards & Brit Awards throughout his career to date!

Fatboy Slim’s 2019 ‘AT THE ROUNDHOUSE’ UK tour, kicked off in London on Thursday 21st Feb, at the SSE Arena in Wembley, and followed subsequently at Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester before he concluded his final arena stops on the 1st March, at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham & finishing up in Dublin.

Lighting Designer, Stephen Abbiss (who has worked alongside Fatboy Slim for nearly a decade) alongside Proper Productions, was keen to ensure the video on stage during the performances, became a prominent feature within the design. Since Norman mixed completely live on stage, the success of the show’s visual element relied on clear, direct communication between Steve and the tour’s digital content creator and video operator Bob Jaroc, which needed a lot of preparation in terms of knowing exactly which tracks Norman was going to play. A Robocam was used on stage next to the DJ set up, to allow a live feed of the upcoming tracks, so that the right video content could be shown on screen.


So what was provided to bring the rave to life?

PRG’s highly experienced and dedicated crew provided lighting, rigging & on-stage video, and 𠊊lso installed the revolutionary ‘MoveCat’ Motion control create such a high-quality live arena scale event. The following lighting equipment provided consisted of: 32x Icon Beam’s, 12x Strike 4’s, 30x Sunstrip Batten, 16x Viper AirFX, 24x Q7’S, 6x GLP X4’s and 44x Clay Paky K20’s. Also included were 18 x 10ft Tyler Pre-Rig Truss. The control was an Avolites Arena. For Video, a Win Air9, curved screen was used as the main focal point above Norman. The video content was played through a Resolume media server.

One of the highlights was the new & in demand, MoveCat motion control automation system, which had 12 active 500kg hoists - controlled on an Expert-T III. It was deployed on the 6x lighting fingers (2 motors per finger) which were designed to go around the audience. All of the MoveCat components were optimised for particularly quiet operations, which was essential since they were going around the audience, thus creating, a much more physical immersive experience, not done in a live arena setting before.



PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event, get in touch at 

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PRG Helps Celebrate Chinese 
New Year In Illuminating Style, For 
Its Parade In London’s Chinatown

PRG UK, were delighted to help celebrate Chinese New Year in illuminating style, for another consecutive year, for its annual parade in the heart of London’s China Town. On Sunday 10th February, an influx of people descended the streets of London’s West End to join in the vibrant celebrations – organised by the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) with support from the Mayor of London and Westminster City Council, marking the Year of the Pig. The capital’s festivities are the biggest of their kind outside Asia, having begun as a small community event in Chinatown more than over 30 years ago. Today however, the occasion has evolved into something more full and bright, where it has become synonymous with colourful parades, and its, energetic live entertainment!

Our immensely, experienced crew provided lighting, rigging & onstage video, to bring 
the cultural celebrations to light and life. Consisting of the renowned GLP impression X4S (which features 7 RGBW high power LED’ – being 15 watts each, and has a 7-50 degree zoom optic), allowing for a quick pan/tilt movement onstage were one of the notable pieces of equipment to mention. In addition to this, Icon Beam lights were supplied, with an array of GLP X4 washes. All of the lighting equipment mentioned above, was controlled from the iconic & cutting edge and often regarded a favourite within the industry - Grand MA 2 desk. In terms of the video equipment supplied, a ROE MC7, 7mm Led was enlisted, which was controlled via Catalyst.

PRG UK, managed to supply cutting edge in-demand lighting/video technology and rigging to ensure
it remained the preferred supplier for technical event services, and to be a major player in bringing such an established main event, for everyone involved in Chinese New Year 2019 in London. #SeeWhatWeCanDoTogether

PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event get in touch today.

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PRG Once Again Helps Create Light, 
With A Spectacular “Starburst” Display 
At This Year’s ICE Conference 2019

PRG UK, were enlisted by Cinimod Studios, one of the UK’s renowned agencies for cutting edge, experiential lighting design/creative installations, to help produce an imaginative, visual display as a physical, focal point for their client, Microgaming. Since Microgaming were the headline exhibitor at the ICE Conference 2019, the UK’s largest B2B gaming exhibition (at the ExCel centre), which ran from 7th-9th February. Our highly experienced crew, were eager to not disappoint and deliver something that would be a memorable highlight for everyone to see.

It took approximately two days to construct the intricate centrepiece dubbed: “The Starburst”. 𠊌onsisting of 576 x Revolution Blade LED Strips L 0.9m 9 (3’), which were then built into 72 x spokes consisting of 8 x blades per individual spoke, to form the iconic, shape. Behind the light and magic, what really makes the eye-catching fixture so “revolutionary” in its own right, is its limitless opportunity and wide variety of applications in which it can be used. Due to its unlimited mapping capability, it can allow for countless, creative looks, either in long lines or faceted curve shapes, making it a truly versatile, and exciting piece of equipment!


So how was the light show achieved?

Each blade was mapped using 2 Brompton Tessera M2 LED processors. The content was then played from a Resolume media server driving them. Not only this, Cimimod Studios had installed a 50-inch LED screen with an interactive element, where it allowed users to actually control the colour strips of the “Starburst” fixture, creating a more dynamic unique and experience – A wonderful display of Light & Technology, showcasing what they can do together. #SeeWhatWeCanDoTogether

PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event, get in touch.

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PRG Supports Autosport 2019 in a Celebration of Motorsport at the NEC

January saw Network Productions showcase the latest innovations from the world of motorsport. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, the event took place from 10th-13th January 2019, and uniquely catered for both industry professionals and motorsport fans alike.

Headed up by Account Manager Richard Pow, the PRG team were on hand throughout, to support this show-stopping celebration of automotive and performance engineering technology. Helping to put the wow factor into many an impressive display, our team supplied cutting edge tech for the four-day event.

Rich Pow said, “for 2019 we utilised the large laser projectors, creating bigger, brighter and even better screens for the viewers in the live arena.”

PRG utilised two 45x8m screens, blended projection using 12 PRG Barco Units, as well as our cutting edge UDX 4L32K lasers. In addition, full catalyst video control ran through a lighting road hog desk during the event.

Network Productions took the capabilities of this impressive venue to the next level. Hall five was transformed into a Live Action Arena: the UK’s largest indoor race track. Seating 5,000 visitors, this was a true ‘petrolhead heaven’, where visitors could enjoy sixty minute shows featuring driving demonstrations, races, stunts and guest appearances from some the biggest talents of the racing world.

Dave Beel of Network Productions said, "it’s great working with PRG as their team is very professional and help us deliver the event year on year to the high standards expected by our customer. The Live Action Arena is a true immersive experience with a variety of motorsport categories on display, from grassroots to the latest racing machines.  This year we celebrated the Evolution of Racing demonstrating the progressive nature of motorsport, through both the cars and people." 

The 2019 FIA World Rally Championship was also launched as part of the epic event, in partnership with representatives from some of the biggest teams in rally driving.

Ford M-Sport World Rally Team, Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team, Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team and Citroen Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team all revealed their new cars, and spoke to visitors about the 2018 championship, and their predictions ahead of the hotly anticipated season-opener in Monte Carlo.

Autosport International 2019 was attended by some of motorsport’s most famous faces, who took part in on stage interviews, meet and greets and autograph sessions with visitors.

Lando Norris, the youngest winner of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr, former F1 driver David Coulthard, Sky Sports F1 commentator Martin Brundle and BRDC British Rising Star Billy Monger were just some of the stars taking part.

As well as providing unforgettable entertainment for motorsport enthusiasts, Autosport International incorporated trade-only days, supplying motorsport industry professionals with unmissable networking opportunities.

Autosport International has been held at the NEC since 1991. Next year, the event celebrates its 30th anniversary between the 9th and 12th January 2020. Watch this space for another incredible celebration of motorsport, with cars and exhibitors from every level of motor racing.

PRG is a leading international full-service provider of technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations, and film and television productions. To find out more about what we could do for your next event, get in touch.

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PRG Ideas Exchange January 2019: Theo Gentilli and Robin Shaw, Warm Street

The PRG Ideas Exchange is a series of monthly invite only events, which has been designed to delve deeper into the minds of some of the most creative people in the events industry, for an exchange of inspiring ideas.

In January our guest speakers were Theo Gentilli and Robin Shaw, the founders of Warm Street, a highly specialised culture marketing agency that connects brands with the youth and music market.

Warm Street’s ethos is simple: They believe a generous and sustainable value exchange between brands and music culture is key to cultural relevance. They advocate using culture in a long term way to enrich and enhance consumer's lives, this can drive real, tangible results that are 300% more likely to drive market share improvement and 60% more likely to drive profit improvement. (IPA 20 year study 2018)


The Story of Warm Street:

The story of Warm Street can be condensed into three key, rather wonderful moments:

Just Jack was all about building an institution for the love. It wasn’t about money, but somehow did well, and did make money. It became massive. So much so, that it was able to sell tickets all its 10th birthday with no talent announced. A great example of how we build cultural capital over the long term and the party is still going today (14 years strong) as a key part of the UK’s cultural landscape.

In the early days, Red Bull headhunted Warm Street to help concept and curate some events. They were invited back to support Red Bull nationally the following year this was the beginning of a four-year ongoing relationship with the brand, and the beginning of the agency as we know it.



Hubrick is a tech app that launched in the UK last year. Warm Street was challenged with producing its UK strategy, and as part of this, created some interesting examples of cultural IP. Warm Street listened carefully to the environment and the need states of talent and consumers, and created a bespoke football tournament that played to young people’s desire to play with artists and artists’ desire to engage with their fans.



Young people are losing faith in social media

We’re seeing the implosion of social media right now in a big way. Users feel over-targeted by ads, tricked by marketing ploys and anxious about their presence there. They feel like they’re feeding a social media beast and have no choice but to comply.

Today’s youth are going through a period of self-realisation that the world they live in was not created by them, nor for them (Protein Youth Report 2017).



So, how can brands fit into this picture?

Against this context, we’ve seen many brands step in to position themselves as a positive force for good for young people. Whilst this can be applauded in principle, many don’t fulfil their bold claims and little is done in practice. What occurs, then, is a feedback loop of distrust. Young people don’t believe brands and think brands are appropriating their causes to sell them more product. It’s an ever increasing feedback loop where distrust breeds purpose which breeds more distrust. Against this backdrop, cultural capital is a way for brands to actually play a positive role and cut through.



Patagonia recently, and quite quietly, donated its $10M tax subsidy from Donald Trump’s reform to climate change initiatives.


Stormzy has always articulated having a purpose but this year used his platform to create a Cambridge scholarship and an imprint with penguin books, to provide a platform for a new generation of underrepresented authors to publish their work.


Consider culture and capital together

The key idea is to consider culture and capital together. The two are not traditionally united, but the metaphor works well as a template for how brands can and should engage with culture. It takes a long time to build this up. That doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t benefit from short term benefits in the lead up, but it won't get the benefit of a longer term commitment to culture immediately. Once you have cultural capital it doesn’t disappear immediately. Longer term strategies engender longer term results and ROI. Red Bull have been building their cultural capital for years. Red Bull book an artist and that artist will play for cheaper, they are excited to tell their fans they are playing for Red Bull, their fans are excited to attend and share it to their friends. The entire brand ROI is heightened. Alongside this, hidden influencers, who don't have thousands of followers on instagram but have massive influence, like club owners want to stock Red Bull so this closes the feedback loop where the product is seen & trialled online, at a heightened brand experience and then in real life at a cultural event (for example its the only brand present at Fabric which welcomes half a million cultural consumers through their doors a year).


Theo and Robin presented a toolkit to help really understand a project's cultural and capital fit. For a copy of this toolkit please email


The PRG Ideas Exchange is a monthly, invite only event. If you want to find out more about this and what PRG could do for your next event, whatever its size, talk to John Montague or Andy Johnston.

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