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The world of event tech is constantly changing, with new and exciting developments emerging all the time. The latest advancements include transparent LED screens, live interactive skeletal mapping, real-time VR installations and LED drones painting pictures in the sky. Include even some of that tech in your next event and you’ve got a recipe for one unforgettable experience!

When it comes to making your event stand out, the addition of brand new event tech is one way to guarantee success. The latest technology can be used in a whole host of exciting ways, to maximise the impact of your event and leave your guests inspired and amazed. This is the event tech you need to know about right now.

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We are so inspired by the Borderless exhibition at the MORI Building Digital Art Museum, Odaiba, Tokyo (photo teamLab)


Transparent LED Screens

Transparent screens open up a new world of possibilities in terms of event design. These screens are available in different scales of transparency, with options for indoor and outdoor use. The screens are fantastic if you want to create a visually stunning display without compromising on natural light.

The Pure10 is a revolutionary and unique lightweight and highly transparent LED touring screen, which was developed by PRG. Its transparency creates numerous creative solutions for the concert-touring segment, which will seduce the most extravagant and ambitious projects. Due to its feather light carbon structure and its customized dollies for transport, PRG Projects once again reduces the green footprint drastically in terms of transport volume and weight.

pure 10 prg

We were honoured to have our collaboration with U2 spotlighted in Variety magazine earlier this year. "After 40-plus years on the road, U2 remains one of the biggest live acts in the world, and not just because of the music. The band has always embraced the latest stage technology, often to spectacular effect, and its current Experience + Innocence global tour — the European leg debuts Aug. 31 in Berlin — is more impressive than ever, boosted by U2’s ongoing collaboration with Production Resource Group."


Live Interactive Skeletal Mapping

If you really want to push the boundaries of event tech, live interactive skeletal mapping is a must. This fusion of man and machine sees 3D cameras used to track a person’s body. Data is evaluated by the machine and simple movements such as the person raising an arm, or moving from one way to another will then change the visual display and audio. This tech works brilliantly for art installations, live events, performances and festivals. It’s a show-stopper.

Real Time VR Reactive Experiential Installations

Virtual reality is big news in the world of event tech, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. The latest virtual reality installations are fantastic for experiential events, and enable guests to experience a meeting of the real world and a virtual one, all in real time. Virtual reality can be used in this way to add computerised additions to the real world guests see around them, making for an awe-inspiring journey into the world of VR.

Gareth Pugh's Monolith. Virtual Reality Installation at Selfridges London from INITION on Vimeo.


LED Drones

LED lights take on a complelty new twist. LED screens are mounted on drones, which can then be flown over audiences or parties of guests, creating an extraordinary visual effect as seen at last yeas Super Bowl and at the Winter Olympcis. Check out more creative LED screen options from PRG here.

If you want to find out more about what PRG could do for your next event, whatever its size, we’re the people to talk to. Contact John Montague or Andy Johnston.

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